SAE J585:2000 pdf download

SAE J585:2000 pdf download

SAE J585:2000 pdf download Tail Lamps (Rear Position Lamps) for Use on Motor Vehicles Less Than 2032 mm in Overall Width
3.1Tail Lamps—Lamps used to designate the rear of a vehicle by a steady burning low intensity light.
3.2Multiple Compartment Lamp—A device which gives its indication by two or more separately lighted areas which are joined by one or more common parts such as a housing or lens.
3.3Multiple Lamp Arrangement—An array of two or more separated lamps on each side of the vehicle which operate together or give a signal.
4.Lighting ldentification Code—Tail lamps may be identified by the code “T” in accordance with SAEJ759.
5. Tests
5.1 SAEJ575 is a part of this report. The following tests are applicable with the modifications as indicated:
5.1.5 PHOTOMETRY TEST—ln addition to the test procedure in SAE J575, the following apply: Photometric measurements shall be made with the light source of the lamp at least 3 m from the photometer. The H-V axis shall be taken as parallel to the axis of reference of the lamp as mounted on thevehicle. Photometric measurements shall be made with the bulb flament steadily burning. Photometric measurement of multiple compartment lamps or multiple lamp arrangements shall be made by either of thefollowing methods: All compartments or lamps shall be photometered together provided that a line from the light source of each compartment or lamp to the center of the photometer sensing device does not make an angle ofmore than 0.6 degree with the photometer H-V axis. When compartments or lamps are photometeredtogether, the H-V axis shall intersect the midpoint between their light sources. Each compartment or lamp shall be photometered separately by aligning the axis of each lamp or compartment with the photometer. The photometric measurement for the entire multiple compartmentlamp or multiple lamp arrangement shall be determined by adding the photometric outputs from eachindividual lamp or component at corresponding test points.
5.2Color Test—SAE J578 is a part of this report.
6. Requirements
6.1 Performance Requirements—A device when tested in accordance with the test procedures specified in Section 5 shall meet the following requirements:
6.1 .1 V IBRATION —SAE J575.
6.1 .2 M OISTURE —SAE J575.
6.1 .3 D UST —SAE J575.
6.1 .4 C ORROSION —SAE J575.
6.1 .5 P HOTOMETRY —SAE J575. The lamp shall be designed to conform to the zone total photometric requirements of Table 1 and its footnotes. The summation of the luminous intensity measurements at the test points in a zone shall be at least the value shown.