SAE AS 81765:2002 pdf download

SAE AS 81765:2002 pdf download

SAE AS 81765:2002 pdf download Insulating Components, Molded, Electrical, Heat Shrinkable, General Specification For
3.3 Dimensions and tolerances: All dimensions and tolerances of the molded components, when tested in accordance with 4.5.3 and the applicable specification sheet, shall be as specified in the applicable drawing, specification, contract, or purchase order (see 6.2).
3.4 Properties: The properties of molded components shall be as specified in Table I. 3.5 Storage life: 3.5.1 Shelf life: The manufacturer shall certify in writing that the molded component at the conditions specified in the applicable specification sheet, shall conform to “as received” dimensions and to “after shrinkage” dimensions for the shelf like specified in the applicable specification sheet.
3.5.2 Extension of shelf life: The expiration date may be extended by a period of time equal to fifty percent (50%) of the original shelf life for the molded components if the dimensions are still within specification limits when tested as specified in 4.6.9. 3.6 Workmanship: When examined visually, the molded components, before and after shrinkage, shall be free from internal voids, blisters, lumps, tears, dents, pinholes, seams, cracks, foreign matter and other defects that would be detrimental to fabrication, appearance, or performance.
4.1 Responsibility for inspection: Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the contractor is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein. Except as otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the contractor may use his own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements specified herein, unless disapproved by the Government. The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements.
4.1.1 Responsibility for compliance: All items must meet all requirements of sections 3 and 5. The inspection set forth in this specification shall become a part of the contractor’s overall inspection system or quality program. The absence of any inspection requirements in the specification shall not relieve the contractor of the responsibility of assuring that all products or supplies submitted to the Government for acceptance comply with all requirements of the contract. Sampling in quality conformance does not authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the Government to acceptance of defective material.
4.2 Classification of inspections:
The examination and testing of the molded components shall be classified as follows:
a. First Article inspection (see 4.3).
b. Quality conformance inspection (see 4.4).

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