SAE AS 40401:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 40401:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 40401:2000 pdf download Solenoid, Electrical, General Specification For
3.3.4 Wire: Magnet wire and lead wire: Magnet and lead wire shall be of a type that will enable the solenoid to meet all the performance requirements of this specification. 3.4 Design and construction: Solenoids shall be of the design, construction, and physical dimensions specified in 3.1 .
3.4.1 Coils: Coils shall be evenly wound and insulated to meet the performance requirements specified herein. Coils shall be completely insulated from the frame and other grounded parts, and the coil leads shall not be internally grounded. Coils shall be suitable taped and impregnated as required to prevent damage under prolonged exposure to humidity and salt-fog environmental conditions. Coils shall be securely anchored to the frame or other stationary parts in a manner that will prevent coil movement or strain on the coil leads.
3.4.2 Terminal: Terminals, including connectors, solder-type, pig-tail, or lead-in wires shall be as specified in 3.1 . Terminals shall be constructed or corrosion-resistant material or shall be suitably plated to resist corrosion during service. Plug-in terminals: Plug-in terminals shall conform to the arrangements of dimensions necessary for proper mating with the applicable connectors or sockets. The mounting arrangement of the solenoid shall be so designed that the weight of the solenoid will be supported and the stability of its mounting will be provided by mounting means other than the electrical terminals of the socket. Solenoids with plug-in terminals shall have the electrical and environmental tests, specified in section 4, performed with the appropriate or specified socket or connector assembled to the solenoid. Terminal marking: When specified (see 3.1 ), terminals shall be permanently and legibly marked.
3.4.3 Case: Unless otherwise specified (see 3.1 ), the coil housing shall be enclosed and shall be electrically isolated from any electrical circuit and shall be magnetically shielded.
3.4.4 Mounting: The mounting means shall be an integral part of the solenoid housing or shall be securely attached thereto in a manner which will prevent any movement between the solenoid and the mounting means in service use.
3.4.5 Armature or plunger travel: The armature or plunger shall be provided with sufficient travel to completely activate the load equipment as required. Unless otherwise specified (see 3.1 ), positive stops shall be provided at both extremes of travel and shall be sufficiently spring loaded to force the armature and load to the normal or deenergized position with the coil deenergized and under maximum load conditions and temperature extremes.
3.4.6 Installation provisions: Clearances shall be provided for installation of power cables and mounting hardware. Unless otherwise specified (see 3.1 ), special installation tools shall not be required by virtue of the solenoid design.