SAE AS 81587:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 81587:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 81587:2000 pdf download Timer Assembly Rain Repellent
3.1 Preproduction: This specification makes provision for preproduction testing.
3.2 Parts and Materials: Approval for the use of non-standard parts and materials other than microelectronic devices shall be based on Category II of Specification MIL-E-5400.
3.2.1 Non-Standard Semiconductors: Approval for the use of non-standard and non-preferred semiconductors shall be in accordance with Military Standard MIL-STD-454, Requirement 30.
3.2.2 Vacuum Tubes: No vacuum tubes shall be used.
3.3 Design and Construction: The timer shall be a complete, self-contained unit consisting of an interval timing circuit, electro- mechanical or solid state, a connecting receptacle and an enclosure. Design shall conform to the requirements of Specification MIL-E-5400. Workmanship shall conform to Military Standard MIL-STD-454, Requirement 9. Electromagnetic relays shall comply with Military Standard MIL-STD-454, Requirement 57.
3.3.1 Weight: The total weight of the timer shall be a minimum consistent with good design and shall not exceed 0.5 pound.
3.3.2 Container: The timing circuit shall be enclosed in an aluminum alloy container cylindrical in form with a maximum outside diameter of 1 -3/4 inches and a maximum length of 2-5/8 inches, not including the connector. The container shall be finished in accordance with Finish Numbers 7.1 .1 plus 21 .3 of Military Standard MIL-STD-1 71 , Black No. 27038. A 1 /4 inch diameter hole may be provided in the container for access to the timer adjustment. The hole shall be covered with pressure sensitive, water-proof, adhesive tape, Specification PPP-T-0060, Type I, Class I and sealed with one coat of shellac.
3.3.3 Operating Power: The timer shall provide the specified performance when energized from a 28 volt d.c. power source with power characteristics conforming to Military Standard MIL-STD-704 for Category B utilization equipment. The electrical load for the timer operation is defined by solonoid valve, Military Standard MS-29527-1.
3.3.4 Timing Circuit: The timing circuit shall provide a 28 volt d.c. pulse to a solenoid valve which conforms to Military Standard MS-29527-1 . A single timed pulse shall be initiated by a 28 volt d.c. electrical pulse not longer than 0.5 second duration. The timed pulse from the timer shall be adjustable from 1 .0 to 5.0 seconds. The timer adjustment shall be accessible with the timer assembled. The timer shall not be capable of automatic recycling. The timer shall be set by the contractor to the time interval specified in the procurement document.
3.3.5 Electrical Connection: The timer shall be equipped with a receptacle conforming to Military Standard MS-31 02R-1 4S-5P in accordance with Specification MIL-C-501 5. The receptacle shall be securely attached to the timer base. Pin connections shall be as shown in 4.4.1 .
3.3.6 Printed Wiring: Printed wiring to interconnect electronic components shall be in accordance with Military Standard MIL-STD-454, Requirement 1 7.