SAE J561:2001 pdf download

SAE J561:2001 pdf download

SAE J561:2001 pdf download Electrical Terminals-Eyelet and Spade Type
1. Scope一This SAE Standard covers general requirements and dimensions of various sizes of eyelet and
spade type terminals.
2. References
2.1Applicable Publication—The following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The latest issue of SAE publications shall apply.
2.1.1SAE PuBLICATION—Available from SAE,400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale,PA 15096-0001.
SAEJ163—Low Tension Wiring and Cable Terminals and Splice Clips
3. General Requirements—The eyelet and spade type terminals listed in Tables 1A and 1B and Figures 1 through 5 of this document may be used for terminating wire ends or for terminating circuits on devices otherthan wire.Performance requirements for low tension wire terminals are specified in SAEJ163.
Terminal sizes other than those listed are permissible, providing they meet the general requirements of thisdocument and the performance requirements of SAE J163.
Terminals shall be free from burrs, corrosion, or any foreign matter, and shall be of a temper that will permitattachment to wires or circuits on devices without fracturing or cracking.
Terminals may be applied to wire by crimping, welding, swaging, soldering, or any combination thereof at theconductor grip. Insulation grips shall be used on all terminals assembled to 8 gage(8 mm2) and smallerinsulated wire except where usage provides other means of relieving strain.
Materials should be of copper,brass, or other copper alloys. Minimum metal thickness is the nominalthickness shown less a standard strip stock tolerance. Thickness is based on SAE CA260 (UNS C26000)brass conductivity and may be adjusted for use with other materials. Unless otherwise noted, all dimensionsshall be held to a tolerance of 主 0.25 mm (王 0.010 in).