SAE AS 6625A:2002 pdf download

SAE AS 6625A:2002 pdf download

SAE AS 6625A:2002 pdf download Spray Equipment, Aircraft Windshield, Anti-Icing
1.1 This specification covers one type of spray equipment for the elimination of ice formation on aircraft windows.
2.1 The following specifications, standard, drawing, and publication, of the issue in effect on date of invitation for bids, form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:
MIL-A-140 Adhesive, Water-Resistant, Waterproof Barrier-Material
MIL-A-6091 Alcohol; Ethyl, Specially Denatured, Aircraft
MIL-D-5028 Drawings and Data Lists; Preparation of (For Engines, Accessories, and Other
Auxiliary Equipment)
MIL-E-5272 Environmental Testing, Aeronautical and Associated Equipment, General
Specification for
MIL-F-5566 Fluid; Anti-Icing (Isopropyl Alcohol)
MIL-M-7911 Marking, Identification of Aeronautical Equipment, Assemblies, and Parts
MIL-P-116 Preservation, Methods of
MIL-P-7105 Pipe Threads, Taper, Aeronautical National Form, Symbol ANPT
JAN-P-105 Packaging and Packing for Overseas Shipment – Boxes, Wood, Cleated,
JAN-P-106 Packaging and Packing for Overseas Shipment – Boxes; Wood, Nailed
JAN-P-108 Packaging and Packing for Overseas Shipment – Boxes, Fiberboard (V-Board
and W-Board), Exterior and Interior
JAN-P-125 Packaging and Packing for Overseas Shipment – Barrier-Materials, Waterproof,
MIL-STD-129 Marking of Shipments
U.S. Air Force
42B3581 Cap and Adapter Assembly – Tank Filler
Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin
No. 143 Specifications and Standards; Use of
(Copies of specifications, standards, and drawings required by contractors in connection with specific procurement functions should be obtained from the procuring activity or as directed by the contracting officer.)
3.1 Components:
The spray equipment shall consist of a spray tube, fluid pump, fluid tank, and a control valve.
3.2 Materials:
3.2.1 Protective treatment: When materials are used in the construction of the spray equipment that are subject to deterioration when exposed to climatic and environmental conditions likely to occur during service usage, they shall be protected against such deterioration in a manner that will in no way prevent compliance with the performance requirements of this specification. The use of any protective coating that will crack, chip, or scale with age or extremes of climatic and environmental conditions shall be avoided.
3.2.2 Selection of materials: Specifications and standards for all materials, parts, and Government certification and approval of processes and equipment, which are not specifically designated herein and which are necessary for the execution of this specification, shall be selected in accordance with ANA Bulletin No. 143, except as provided in the following paragraph. Standard parts: Standard parts (MS, AN, or JAN) shall be used wherever they are suitable for the purpose, and shall be identified on the drawing by their part numbers. Commercial utility parts such as screws, bolts, nuts, cotter pins, etc, may be used, provided they possess suitable properties and are replaceable by the standard parts (MS, AN, or JAN) without alteration, and provided the corresponding standard part numbers are referenced in the parts list and, if practicable, on the contractor’s drawings. In the event there is no suitable corresponding standard part in effect on date of invitation for bids, commercial parts may be used provided they conform to all requirements of this specification.