SAE AS 614B:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 614B:2000 pdf download

SAE AS 614B:2000 pdf download Hose Assembly, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Metallic Reinforced, 4000 psi, 400 °F, Heavy Duty, Hydraulic and Pneumatic
3.3.1 Inner Tube: The inner tube shall be of a seamless construction of virgin PTFE resin of uniform gage. It shall have a smooth bore and shall be free from pitting or projections on the inner surface. Additives may be included in the compound from which the tube is extruded.
3.3.2 Reinforcement: The reinforcement shall consist of corrosion-resistant steel wires conforming to the applicable specifications listed in 3.2.1 . The wires shall be so arranged over the inner tube as to provide sufficient strength to ensure conformance with the requirements specified herein. Broken reinforcing wires shall be cause for rejection. Crossed-over reinforcing wires shall not be cause for rejection of the hose assembly.
3.3.3 Interlayers: Interlayers, if used, shall be of a suitable material and shall be resistant to pressure pounding and to all fluids with which the hose may come in contact during normal service. They shall be capable to withstanding temperatures of -65 to 400 °F and shall not extrude through the outer braid during testing or in service.
3.3.4 Fittings: All fittings shall be permanently attached and proven to meet the requirements herein. Standard hose assemblies shall have flared fittings to mate with AS4395 or flareless fittings according to NAS 1 760 to mate with AS3351 4 or AS4375. Fitting hex portions shall fit standard wrench openings. Straight Fittings: Straight fittings shall be of one piece construction. Weld or braze joints must not be located in the fluid paths, except welded and redrawn corrosion-resistant steel tubing in accordance with 3.2.1 may be used. Other Fittings: Other fittings, including elbow fittings, shall be of one piece construction to the maximum extent possible. However, those made with other than one piece construction can use welded and redrawn corrosion-resistant steel tubing in accordance with 3.2.1 and shall employ a butt weld joint method. End Fitting Collars (Sockets): All end fitting collars (sockets) crimped or swaged, fabricated from Type 304 stainless steel are required to be capable of passing an embrittlement test as specified in ASTM A 262 Practice E, prior to assembly to the nipple or swaging operation. Sockets fabricated from stabilized austenitic steel (304L, 321 , or 347) are acceptable without being subjected to the embrittlement test. Titanium sockets are not recommended. Fitting Finish: Corrosion Resistant Steel Parts: Unless otherwise specified, corrosion resistant steel parts shall be passivated in accordance with AMS-QQ-P-35. Titanium Alloy Parts: Titanium alloy parts shall be fluoride phosphate coated per AMS 2486. 3.4 Dimensions: The hose assembly dimensions, except for length, shall be as specified in Figure 1 and Table 1 .