SAE AMS 1523A:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 1523A:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 1523A:2000 pdf download Cleaner for Exterior Aircraft Surfaces Thickened or Gel-Type, Water-Base
1 . SCOPE:
1 .1 Form:
This specification covers a thickened, water-base, type cleaner in the form of a gel.
1 .2 Application:
This cleaner has been used typically for removing soils from exterior surfaces of aircraft, such as landing gears, wheel wells, and flap cavities, but usage is not limited to such applications.
1 .3 Safety – Hazardous Materials: While the materials, methods, applications, and processes described or referenced in this specification may involve the use of hazardous materials, this specification does not address the hazards which may be involved in such use. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure familiarity with the safe and proper use of any hazardous materials and to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all personnel involved.
2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS: The issue of the following documents in effect on the date of the purchase order form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The supplier may work to a subsequent revision of a document unless a specific document issue is specified. When the referenced document has been canceled and no superseding document has been specified, the last published issue of that document shall apply.
3.1 Material: The composition of the cleaner shall be optional with the manufacturer, but should contain water, biodegradable surfactants, emulsifiers, inhibitors and thickeners to produce a thickened or gel-type product meeting the requirements of 3.2. Cleaner shall not contain aliphatic or aromatic solvents, such as kerosene solvents.
3.2 Properties: Cleaner shall conform to the following requirements; tests shall be performed in accordance with specified test methods on the product supplied in concentrated form:
3.2.1 Consistency: Cleaner shall flow to a point between 1 3 and 23 centimeters in ten seconds, determined in accordance with ASTM F 1 080.
3.2.2 Corrosion of Metal Surfaces: Sandwich Corrosion: Specimens of AMS 4045 and AMS 4049, after testing in accordance with ASTM F 111 0, shall not show a corrosion rating worse than one or worse than that on control panels tested using ASTM D 11 93, Type IV, water. Total Immersion Corrosion: Cleaner shall neither cause evidence of corrosion nor a weight change of any test panel greater than shown in Table 1 , determined in accordance with ASTM F 483: Low-Embrittling Cadmium Plate: Panels coated with low-embrittling cadmium plate shall not show a weight change greater than 0.3 mg/cm 2 per 24 hours, determined in accordance with ASTM F 1111 .
3.2.3 Hydrogen Embrittlement: Cleaner shall be non-embrittling, determined in accordance with ASTM F 51 9, Type 1 a, 1 c, or 2a.
3.2.4 Flash Point: Shall be nonflammable, determined in accordance with ASTM D 93.
3.2.5 Effect on Plastics: There shall be no crazing or staining of MIL-PRF-25690 stretched acrylic plastic or MIL-P-8331 0 polycarbonate plastics, determined in accordance with ASTM F 484.
3.2.6 Effect on Painted Surfaces: Cleaner shall neither produce a decrease in film hardness greater than two pencil hardness levels nor shall it produce any streaking, discoloration, or blistering of the paint film, determined in accordance with ASTM F 502.