IEEE Std 1473:1999 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1473:1999 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1473:1999 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Communications Protocol Aboard Trains.
3.1.6 coupler Interface: That facility of a basic operating unit that is designed to provide convenient connection to, and disconnection from, any other basic operating unit without requiring disassembly of any constituent part of either basic operating unit. This includes standardited mechanical, electrical, electronic. pneumatic. and other interfaces as required.
3.1.7 hazard: An esisting or potential condition that can result in a mishap.
3.1.8 independent operation: The ability, when supplied with appropriate energy, and with control signals from internal sources or through one or more coupler interfaces, to perform all of the functions of which the installed equipment is intended to be capable.
3.1.9 safety critical: A term applied to a system or function, the correct performance of which is critical to safety of personnel and/or equipment. Also a term applied to a system or function, the incorrect performance of which may result in an unacceptable hazard.
NOTE—A safety-critical designation may require the incorporation of additional special safety design features.
3.1.10 time critical: Applications where the communication delay is bound to a fixed upper limit, independent of the load conditions.
3.1.11 topology: The geometric pattern or configuration of intelligent devices and how they arc linked together for communications 1B51.
3.1.12 train: A consist of one or more basic operating units.
3.1,13 tralnline Interoperabillty: The ability of the basic operating units that constitute a train to communicate successfully with each other through coupler interface(s), without limitation as to the sequence or orientation of the basic operating units within the train, and without requirement for manual configuration other than optional manual confirmation of basic operating unit sequence within the train.
3.1.14 unit: See: basic operating unit.
3.1.15 ehicle: A land conveyance assembly for carrying or transporting people or objects.