IEEE 1547:2003 pdf free download

IEEE 1547:2003 pdf free download

IEEE 1547:2003 pdf free download.lEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems.
The staled technical specifications and requirements are universally needed for interconnection of DR. including synchronous machines. induction machines. or static power inveriersiconverters, and will be sufficient for most instal kit ions.7
4.1 General requirements
4.1.1 Voltage regulation
The DR shall not actively regulate the voltage at the PCC. The DR shall not cause the Area EPS service voltage at other Local EPSs to go outside the requirements of ANSI OW. 1-1995. Range A.
4.1.2 Integration with Area EPS grounding
The grounding scheme of the l)R interconnection shall not cause overvoltages that exceed the rating of the equipment connected o the Area EPS and shall not disrupt the coordination of the ground fault protection on the Area liPS.
4.1.3 Synchronization
The DR unit shall parallel with the Area liPS without causing a voltage fluctuation at the PCC greater than ±5% of the prevailing voltage level of the Area liPS at the PCC, and meet the flicker requirements of 4.3.2.
4.1.4 Distributed resources on distribution secondary grid and spot networks Distribution secondary grid networks
This topic is under consideration for future revisions of this standard. Distribution secondary spot networks
Network protectors shall not he used to separate, switch, serve as breaker failure backup or in any manner isolate a network or network primary feeder to which DR is connected from the remainder of the Area liPS. unless the protectors are rated and tested per applicable standards for such an application.
Any DR installation connected to a spot network shall not cause operation or prevent reclosing of any network protectors installed on the spot network. This coordination shall be accomplished without requiring any changes to prevailing network protector clearing time practices of the Area liPS.
Connection oF the DR to the Area EPS is only permitted if the Area liPS network bus is already energized by more than 50% of the installed network protectors.
The DR output shall not cause any cycling of network protectors.
The network equipment loading and fault interrupting capacity shall not be exceeded with the addition of DR.