IEEE 400:2012 pdf free download

IEEE 400:2012 pdf free download

IEEE 400:2012 pdf free download.IEEE Guide for Field Testing and Evaluation of the lnsulation of Shielded Power Cable Systems Rated 5 kV and Above.
5. General considerations for field testing of cable systems
5.1 Introduction
Cable testing is pcrionned 10 monitor (he condition 01 a power cable system with the possibility at idcstitying potential failures and insulation weak spots so that actions can be taken in improve reliability while mimmi.’ing the oscrall cost of ownciship This guide does not cover field tests foi faith locabng on shielded power cable sysients Refer to IEEE Std l2W-2OO7 (BoS]’ for fault locating tests.
It is suggested thai field testing and cvaluat ion of shicldcd power cable systems follow a siructurcd program including the following steps:
a) ldeniit testing objeLlisci.
b) Identify cabic iystcvna to be tested.
C) Rcsicw spccifications and operating conditions of cable and cable system components to be tested
d) Sclect and apply suitable field tcsts.
C) Record nftwnul.on ai4or doeumcntatiua for analysis
1) Pcifoim rcconwncndcd con-relive actions on cable system.
methods can be used to lest the insubtion of a cable systcm in the field. rangrng from simple (e.g.. withstand tests with pass/fail results) to elaborate tests requiring analysts or results (er. monitored withstand. partial discharge detection, or dielectric rcsponse)
held lcs*sng of cablc sys*cms continuously presents many challenges Cable system and cable system components have ‘.cry coiTilcz behaviors. The installation ens Ironmcnts and each system’s histosy of mechanical. thermal and elcctncai stresses arc also varied and their aging mechanism arc not always conlctcly understood. All theac factors make uk predictions or estimating the probabilities of failure ciitrcmcly ditlicult Al the lime of wntrng this guide, thcrc are no field tests (hat can predict c’iactly when a cable will fail. Espcricncc of the user and that of the Induitr) can be considered when selecting and dcscloping a lest program and establishing the cntcna for test interpretation and acceptance High-soltage
•csting camcs risks and benefits, each of which should be carefully weighed before they are used
5.2 listing objectives
Setting reasonable espectaiions is important when establishing sea for using cable diagnostic testing. Depending on the age, condition, and type or cable system being tested. difTerent obccliscs would likely he cstabliihaf The espcetatsons from toting depend on the lest procethire as selected ror the particular cable system and the type of dcfcds being sought.