IEEE Std 1413:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1413:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1413:1998 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Methodology for Reliability Prediction and Assessment for Electronic Systems and Equipment.
5. Item identification and description
The item for which the reliability prediction is performed on shall be identified and described, including the following:
a) Description of the product, electronic system, or equipment:
b) Product function, architecture, geometries, architecture, and materials;
C) Possible redundancy;
d) Hardware and software relationship and human factors;
e) System-level block diagram.
6. Intended use of prediction results
A clear statenlent on the intended use of the prediction results shall he included with each prediction report or the reliability parameter provided to a customer, because the purpose of the reliability prediction is varied (e.g., spares provisioning, safety analysis, warranty cost assessment, etc.). The reliability prediction report shall include the following:
a) Reasons why the reliability predictions were performed and the specific purposes of the reliability prediction results:
b) How the reliability prediction shall not be used:
C) Where precautions are necessary.
This information shall be in the form of a disclaimer or a warning statement at the beginning of the document. For example, a disclaimer might say that the mean time between failure (MTBF) provided is not intended as a measure of expected field performance. but rather as a method for comparing and evaluating reliability prediction of related or competitive designs.
7. Identification of method(s) used
The method used in the reliability prediction shall be identified. This explanation of the method shall include the approach, rationale, and reference to where this method is documented. The following shall be documented with the method(s):
a) Definition of failures and failure criteria:
1) Failure modes:
2) Failure mechanisms:
3) Electrical parameter values that constitute a failure (voltage, current. etc.):
b) Description of the process to develop the prediction:
1) Assumptions:
2) Methods and models:
3) Source of data:
C) Required prediction fonnat:
1) Prediction metrics;
2) Confidence level.