IEEE 1474-4:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 1474-4:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 1474-4:2011 pdf free download.IEEE Recommended Practice for Functional Testing of a
Communications-Based Train Control(CBTC) System.
5.2.2 Subsystem testing
All lower-level testing at the subsystem level should be completed, hi addition. prior to test track and field functional testing, the post installation check-out of all applicable hardware should be completed, to include both wayside and train-bomc C’BTC equipment.
For the BTC data communications subsystem, the network pcrrmaiice and availability should he verified, supported by analysis, as necesaary, of worse-case conditions that cannot be easily duplicated in the factory or in the field.
5.2.3 Documentation requirements
Documentation requirements with respect to system-level test plans (including migration strategy. extent of testing, and responsibilities of all parties involved in the test process), test procedures. pass.’fail cnteria. and test results should be defined,
5.2.4 Simulation facility verification
Any simulation facilities that are to be used fur factory or CBTC test track testing should be verified as being appropriately representative of the equipment and interfaces being simulated.
5.3 Database verification
Correct functioning of a CBTC system is critically dependent upon application-specific databases that include infrastrucwrc data, train data, and UIiTC data. Infrastructure data and vehicle data is specific to the particular application. CHTC data is specific to the particular CHTC system design for thai application.
5.3.1 Verifying infrastructure data
Any infrastructure input data required by the CHTC system such as alignment data (location and salue of all grades, curves, civil speed limits. etc.), track layout (location of switches and terminal track configuration), and location of all stations and platform stopping positions, for esample, should be verified against appropriate survey data at a level of precision appropriate in the application-specific (BTC performance requirements. The party responsible far verifying infrastructure data should be clearly identified.
5.3.2 Verifying train data
Any train-specific Input data required by thc (1ITC system such as acceleration and deceleration rates and equipment reaction times, for example, should be verified against certified train characteristics at a level of precision appropnate to the application-specific CFtTC performance requirements. This should specifically include ‘crifying any train-related assumptions in the CBTC safe-braking model. The party responsible for serifying (rain data should be clearly identified.