IEEE 1222:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 1222:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 1222:2011 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Testing and Performance for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Fiber Optic Cable for Use on Electric Utility Power Lines.
4.2.1 Fiber strain allowance
The cable shall be designed such that fiber strain does not exceed the limit allowed by the cable manufacturer under the operational design limits (MR(’L) of the cable. Maximum allowable fiber strain will generally be a function of the proof lest level, and the strength and fatigue parameters of the coated glass fiber. The maximum fiber strain shall not exceed the limit specified in The optical fiber attenuation increase while under fiber strain shall also meet the requirements listed in this subclausc.
4.2.2 Central strength element
If a central strength element is necessary. it shall be of reinforced plastic. epoxiglass. or other dielectric material. If required. this element shall provide the necessary tensile strength to limit axial stress on the fibers and minimize fiber buckling due to cable contraction at low temperatures. The strength element shall also meet the stress strain fatigue requirements in
4.2.3 Buffer tube filling compound
Loose buffer tubes shall be water blocked with a suitable material compatible with the tubing material. fiber coating and coloring. to protect the optical fibers and pre’cnt moisture ingress.
4.2.4 Cable core water blocking compound
The design of the cable may include suitable water blocking materials in the interstices to prohibit water migration along the fiber optic cable core. The water blocking material shall be compatible with all components with which it may come in contact.
4.2.5 Binderltape
A binder yam(s) and/or a layer(s) of overlapping non-hygroscopic tape(s) may be used to hold the cable core elements in place during application of the jacket.
4.2.6 Inner jacket
A protective inner jacket or jackets of a suitable material may be applied over the fiber optic cable core. isolating the cable core from any external strength elements and the cable outer jacket.
4.3 Optical fibers
Single-mode fibers such as dispersion-unshifted. dispersion-shifted. or non-zero dispersion shifted: and multirnode fibers with 50/125 pm or 62.5125 pm coreclad diameters arc considered in this standard.
All single-mode fibers shall meet the requirements of IEC 60793.2.S0.t All multimode fibers shall meet the requirements of IEC 60793-2-10. The core and the cladding shall consist of all glass that is predominantly silica (SiO). The coating is usually made from one or more materials, such as acrylate. and shall protect the fiber during manufacture, handling, and operation.