ASME B107. 59:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107. 59:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107. 59:2002 pdf free download.SLUGGING AND STRIKING.
They shall conform to the requirements for meihanical properties specified in para. 4.3 and shall withstand the impact test spccified in para4 5.2.
4.2 Materials
The materials used in the manufacture of slugging and striking wrenches shall be such as to produce slugging and striking wrenches conforming to the requirements specified herein.
4.3 Mechanical Properties
Slugging and striking wrcnchcs shall be through hardened and tempered to a maximum hardness of 44 HRC or equivalent.
4.4 Markings
Each wrench shall be marked in a plaán and permanent manner with the nominal wrench opening and safety message. See para. 6(k).
4.5 Wrench Openings
Wrench openings shall be such as to ensure acceptance when gaged with gages conforming to ASME
Many tests required herein are inherently hazardous and adequate safeguards for personnel and property shall be employed in conducting such tests.
Slugging and striking wrenches shall be capable of meeting the tests specified in paras. 5.1 and 5.2. Separate (new) wrenches shall be used for each test. Failure to meet the requirements of the applicable tests indicates that the wrenches do not comply with this Standard.
5.1 Hardness Determination Test
Hardness decnnination shall be made in accordance with ASTM E18 or equivalent.
5.2 Impact Test
Sample wrenches shall be subjected to (he impact test in pant. 5.2.1 or 5.2.2, depending on the style of wrench. The struck block of the wrench shall not crack or chip. There shall be no bending of the shank or twisting of the box end. There shall be no cracks evident on any portion of the wrench. Normal deformation of the struck face and the box end of the wrench is permitted.
5.2.1 Slugging Wrench. Three samples of the same style and size slugging wrench shall be mounted on a hexagonal mandrel with the middle wrench offset 30 deg with respect to the other wrenches. The hexagonat mandrel shall meet the requirements of ASME B107.6 or ASMI 8107.9M as applicable. Steel shims 0.25 in. (6.4 mm thick shall be placed under the heads of the two wrenches on the ends of the mandrel, and the assembly clampled at each of these heads to a rigidly supported steel block weighing not less than 400 lb (182 kg). The drop weight shall have a sthking face hardness of not less than 45 HRC or equivalent nor more than 60 HRC or equivalent and shall be dropped squarely onto the struck face of the middle wrench. The striking face diameter of the drop weight shall be not less than 0.375 in. (9.53 mm) larger than the struck face width of the wrench being snuck.