ASME B107.5M:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107.5M:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107.5M:2002 pdf free download.SOCKET WRENCHES, HAND (METRIC SERIES).
4.8 Bolt Clearance Hole
A space shall bc provided for bolt clearance in all sockets except Typc II universal sockcts (Fig. 2). The diameter of the bolt clcarancc hole shall bc in accordancc with that of the applicabic sizc socket as specified in the respective tables for cach class and style. The minimum depth of the bolt clearance hoic shall be not lcss than 1.5 times the minimum dcpth of the nut opcning as set forth in the rcspcctivc tabics for rcgular length sockcts, not less than 50% of tt overall length for mid-length sokcts. and not less than 60% of the overall length for long sockets, as mcasurcd from the facc of the nut end. The diameter and depth of the bolt clcarancc hole may be included in the wrench opcmng area if sizc and depth of the wrench opcning arc adcquatc to provide thc bolt clearance space. Whcn applicable, a through hole between the drive square and thc bolt cicarance hole is to be provided. The hole shall have a minimum diameter equal to 50% of the square drive size or equal to the bolt clcarancc hole diameter, whichcvcr is smaller.
4.9 Internal Drive Opening
Internal drive openings shall be manufacwred to produce a smooth, well-defined surfacc. The openings shall conform to ASML B107.4M.
4.10 Countersink of Nut End Socket Opening
The nut end socket opening shall be countcrsunk with an included angle of 90 deg to 150 deg and a minimum diameter equal to the across corners dimension of the opening.