ASME B16.51:2011 pdf free download

ASME B16.51:2011 pdf free download

ASME B16.51:2011 pdf free download.Copper and Copper Alloy Press-Connect Pressure Fittings.
10.3 Design of Threaded Ends
The wrenching sechon of internally threaded ends shall be polygonaL and the wrenching section of externally threaded ends shall be furnished with either polygon or flats, at the manulacturer’s option.
The maximum allowable deviation in the angular alignment of any end from the specified axis position shall be deg (I deg total). Sec Fig. 3.
12.1 Preferred Gaging Method of Press-Joint Ends
The preferred method of gaging the diameter tolerances for external and internal ends shall be by the use of plain plug and ring gages designed to hold the product within the limits established in Table I (Table 1-1) Gage tolerances shall be Class ZM, as defined in ASME B44M.
12.2 Optional Gaging Method of Press-Connect Pressure flttings
For gaging the diameter tolerance of external and internal ends, the use of direct reading instruments instead of ring and plug gages as specified in para. 12.1 shall be permitted. When gaging the diameters of external and internal ends using direct reading instruments. refer to para. 9.2.
12.3 Standard Gaging Method of Threaded Ends
The standard method of gaging the externally and internally threaded ends shall be in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/ASME B1.20.1.
NOTL In gaging pipe thmsds. it is accqtabtc and cumrntn pracbce to rap or tap the part to ensure proper seating ol the gage. Ilowcvrr. it is first ilrcesssrv to ckan both the gage and the product threads to ensure that they are five at chips. burrs. abrasives, or other foreign materials
The manufacturer of press connection fittings shall provide instructions for the installatkm of the fittings. 11w instructions shall provide a minimum of
(a) end preparation of the tube
(b) assembly of copper tube to the fitting
(C) requirements for the tool used to form the pressconnect joint
(d) pressing procedure
Installation Instructions shall include details to enable assemblers to install fittings with performance consistent with that demonstrated by the design qualification testing described in section it
The pressure-temperature ratings are only applicable to fittings that are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
14.1 General
Press-connection fitting shall be qualified with theperformance tests defined herein. The fittings shall betested with both ASTM Type K and Type M hard drawntube, so two sets of tests are required, except for thethermocycle test described in para.14.9.
Manufacturers shall retain test reports demonstratingcompliance with this Standard. For any design change.the performance tests shall be repeated.
Press-connection of the test assemblies shall be doneaccording to the fitting manufacturer’s installationinstructions.Each test shall be performed on a new testassembly.