ASME B18.29.2M:2005 pdf free download

ASME B18.29.2M:2005 pdf free download

ASME B18.29.2M:2005 pdf free download.Helical Coil Screw Thread Inserts: Free Running and Screw Locking.
10.1 MaterIal
Uhal oinposition of the inserts is austenitic corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel within the limits of Table 2.
10.2 Properties
10.2.1 Tensile Strength. Wire, before coiling into inserts, shall have tensile strength not lower than 1035 MPa, determined in accordance with ASTM A 370.
10.2.2 Bending. Wire shall withstand, without cracking, bending in accordance with ASTM F 290 at room temperature through an angle of 180 deg around a diameter equal to twice the cross-sectional dimension of the wire in the plane of the bend.
10.2.3 Workmanship. The formed wire shall be of uniform quality and temper; it shall be smooth, clean. and free from kinks, waviness, splits, cracks, laps, seams, scale, segregation, and other defects that may impair the serviceability of the insert.
10.3 Coatings
10.3.1 Dry Film Lubricant Coating. At the option of the user, dry film lubricant coating can be applied to helical coil inserts. The coating shall meet the requirements of paras. and The color of dry film—lubricated inserts is dark gray to black. Material. The lubricant shall meet the requirements of Aerospace Standard SAE A55272, Type I, Lubricant, Solid Film Heat Cured, and Corrosion Inhibiting, Thickness. The coating shall be uniformly deposited on the insert with the minimum thickness being complete coverage. The maximum thickness shall be the avoidance of bridging between coils. Slight fill- in between closely wound coiLs, which immediately sepa rates as the coils are axially pulled apart by hand, shall not be considered bridging.
10.4 Configuration and Dimensions
Insert configurations shall be in accordance with Fig. 2, and dimensions shall be in accordance with Tables 3 and 4.
10.4.1 Nominal Length. Each nominal insert size is standardized in five lengths, which are multiples of the insert’s nominal diameter. These are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 times nominal diameter.
Each nominal length is the minimum through-hole length (material thickness), without countersink, into which that insert can be installed. The nominal insert length is a reference value and cannot be measured.
10.4.2 Assembled Length. Actual assembled length of the insert equals nominal length minus 0.5 pitch to minus 075 pitch, with insert installed in a basic STIthreaded hole. It cannot be measured in the insert’s free state.
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, the inspection of inserts shall be in accordance with ASME B18.18.IM, with inspection level 3 for the 15- cycle torque test described in para. 11.2.3.
11.1 Inspection (Nondestructive)
11.1.1 Examination of the Product. Inserts shall be visually examined for conformance with drawings and workmanship requirements in accordance with ASME B18.18.1M.

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