ASME PASE:2014 pdf free download

ASME PASE:2014 pdf free download

ASME PASE:2014 pdf free download.Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment.
proof load: a load, greater than the rated capacity, applied centrally to PASE lifting or attaching points, or to the work surface as defined by the loading apparatus, to confirm the integrity of the structure.
qualified :individuals who, by possession of a recognized degree in an applicable field or certificate of professional standing, or by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, have successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work.
raised lieiçIit: the distance from the ground to the top of the saddle at the full extension of PASE.
ram: see cylinder.
ratchet: a toothed member for engagement with the pawl. rated capacity: the maximum published operating load or volume that PASE is designed to lift, support, deliver, contain, receive, or transport.
repair: the process of rehabilitation or replacement of parts that are the same as the original for the purpose of ensuring performance in accordance with the applicable requirements.
saddle: the portion of PASE that comes in contact with and/or engages a vehicle component.
stability: a measure of resistance to tipping or slipping while under load.
standard: any international, national, state, or local published set of criteria with which a product or service shall comply that is recognized by a governing body.
supplier: a company that controls the performance specification and design, or both, of the products distributed to the general public.
travel: extending or retracting movement of PASE.
2-2.1 Durability Assessment
In the design of all I’ASE, consideration shall be given to the anticipated useful life of each product, and the cumulative effects of repeated use and other potential changes in properties.
2-2.2 Ergonomic Considerations
The design of all PASE shall consider the operator interface for control size and placement; the interface to lift, support, output, contain, receive, or transport throughout its range of travel operation; and the force requirements at rated capacity for operation and movement of PASE.
2-2.3 Design Qualification Testing
In the design qualification testing of all PASE, the same sample shall be used for all tests where this is feasible.