ASME A112.19.12:2000 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.12:2000 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.12:2000 pdf free download.WALL MOUNTED ANDPEDESTAL MOUNTED, JUSIABLE AND PIOTING LAVATORY ANDSINK CARRIER SYSTEMS. Performance Requirement. The as-sembly shall demonstrate no sign of damage duringand after the application of the load.
3.1.2 Vertical Adjustment Test Method. The assembled systemshall be operated throughout its full range of verticaladjustment and the travel shall be measured. Performance Requirement.The car-rier shall provide a vertical adjustment of not morcthan 12 in. (300 mm).
3.2 Flexible Waste System3.2.1 Trap Seal Test Method. Ihe wall mounted or ped-estal mounted aljustable lavalory or sink carrier systemand fexible waste system shali be instaiied in accord-ance with the manufacturer’s instructions.The lavatoryshal be positioned at its minimum adjustable heightand the depth of seal shall be mcasured. The lavatoryor sink shaii then be raised io iis maximum hcightand the depth of seal shall again be mcasurcd. Aftcrmcasuring the leight diffcrence causcd by vertica!adjustment,thc measuremcnt of the trap seal of theexlremes in the latcral fixture movement shall also bemeasured. Performance Requirement. The trapseal depth shall not be less than 2 in. (50 mm) andnot greater than 9 in. (230mm) at any position.
3.2.2 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Test Method. The outlet of the drainshall be plugged at the stub out connection.The flexiblewaste system shall he slowly flled with water. allowingall air to eseape The inlet of the flexible waste systemshall then be capped. allowing for a means to appiya hydrostatic pressure of 25psig (1 70 kPa gauge),which shall be maintained for a period of o0min. Performance Requirements. Thefilledassembly shall not leak during the test timepcriod.
3.2.3 Flow Test Test Method. Thc lavatory shall bcpositioned at its minimum adjustable hcight. A watersuppiy siaii bc adjusted to supply watcr through thelavatory faucet at a rate of 7.l gpm (27 Lmin). Elapsedtime shall be measurcd from the onset of flow into the lavatory. Requirement. The fix-ture shall drain for a minimum of s min withoutoverflowing the flood rim of the fixture.
3.2.4 Flexible Supplies. Flexible supplies,whenprovided by the manufacturer, shall comply with ASMEA112.18.6.
3.2.5 Aging Test Test Method. To test for change intensilc strength and elongation of flexible drain hoseduc to aging at atmospieric pressure and elevatedtemperature. age a 35 in. (889 mn) lest specimen ata temperature of l40±3.6°F (G0± 2^C) for 166 hr.