ASME Y14.1:2005 pdf free download

ASME Y14.1:2005 pdf free download

ASME Y14.1:2005 pdf free download.Decimal lnch Drawing Sheet Size and Format.
5.2 Contents
The Revision History block provides space for revision symbol. description or identification of the change authorization document, date, and approvals. The headings shall be presented as shown in Fig. S. The zone column may be added when zones are included in the drawing format, and the design activity desires to identify locations of revisions. The width of the Revision History block may be changed to provide for other columns as necessary. See ASME Y14.35M lot completion n1u1nnet1ts.
A revision status of sheets block is required on sheet one of multiple sheet drawings and records the revision status of each sheet. The revision status of sheets block Is shown as .i tabulation similar to those shown in Fig. 11.
The revision status of sheets block may be located in the area of the revision history block or the title block, or on a separate sheet for drawings in book form
See ASME Yl4.35M for completion requirements.
See ASME Y14.34M for sheet sizes and formats of associated lists,
Hlocks containing various types of additional data, when required, shall be added adjacent to the title block and in the same respective location on all drawings.
When drawing size restricts placement of optional block(s), the block(s) may be located where space permits.
The following subparagraphs identify several cornrnonly used blocks. Additional blocks may be added when required.
8.1 Angle of Projection Block
The angle of projection symbol will be as illustratedin ASME Y14.3M. Sce Figs. 1, 2, and 3 for its location.8.2 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Block
Information relative to dimensioning and tolerancing,such as angular and dimensional tolerances, are givenin this block. See Fig. 13. Reference to ASME Y14.5Mmay be included in this block. When used, the blockshall be in the title block area.
8.3 Application Block -Optional
When used,the application block shall be locatedadjacent to the title block. The application block includescolumns such as next asscmbly”NEXT ASSY”, andwhere used “USED ON”, for drawings depicting a detailpart or assembly of a component for a larger unit. SeeFig-12.The “NEXT AssY”column lists drawing num-ber(s) or part number(s) of the next higher assembly(ies)to which the drawing applies.The “USED ON columnidentifies the system or subsystem to which the itempertains. As an alternative, reference may be made toapplication data in a separately maintained documentor database.See ASME Y14.34M.
ADDITIONAL DRAWING NUMBER BLOCKS9.1 Margin Drawing Number Block – Optional
Drawing number block location and orientation informat margins, as shown in Figs. 1,2,and 3, are at theoption of the design activity.See Fig. 9.
9.2 Roll Size Drawing Microfilm ldentification BlocksTo facilitate the identification of microfilmed roll sizedrawings,the microfilming identification blocks. Fig.10,shall be used and positioned at the right end of eachmicrofilm segment as shown in Figs. 2 and 3. Whenrequired, the CAGE Code shall be located adjacent tothe identification block.