ASME B16.22:2021 pdf free download

ASME B16.22:2021 pdf free download

ASME B16.22:2021 pdf free download.Wrought Copper and Copper Alloy Solder-Joint Pressure Fittings.
Except for repair couplings, fittings shall be manufactured with a tube stop. Repair couplings shall not require a tube stop. The tube stop shall control joint length, even with an external (FTG) end having the minimum outside diameter shown in Table 3.1. 1-1 Examples of vanous tube stop configurations are shown in Figure 8-1.
9.1 Convention
For determining conformance with this Standard, the convention for fixing significant digits where limits (maximum or minimum values) are specified shall be as defined in ASTM E29. This requires that an observed or calculated value he rounded ofito the nearest unit in the last right-hand digit used for expressing the limit. Decimal values and tolerances do not imply a particular method of measurement.
9.2 Linear Dimensions
An inspection tolerance, as shown in Table 9.2-1, shall be allowed on center-to-shoulder, center-to-center, center-to-threaded-end, and shoulder-to-threaded-end dimensions on all fittings having internal (C) solder ends, as well as on center-to-solder-end and solder- end-to-threaded-end dimensions on all fittings having external (FTG) solder ends.
Coupling inspection limits forshoulder-to-shoulder and shoulder-to-end dimensions shall be double those shown in Table 9.2-1, except that the minus tolerance applied to dimension L (see Figure 4.1-1) shall not result in a dimension smaller than 1.5 mm (0.06 in.).
The largest opening in the fitting shall govern the tolerance to be applied to all openings.
9.3 Ovatity of Fitting End (C or FTG)
Maximum ovality of the fitting solder-joint end shall not exceed 1% of the maximum diameters shown in Table 3J.1- 1.
Fitting threads shall be right-hand, conforming to ASMEB1.20.1.They shall be taper threads (NPT).
10.1 Countersink or Chamfer
All internal threads shall be countersunk a distance noless than one-half the pitch of the thread, at an angle ofapproximately 45 deg with the axis of the thread.Allexternal threads shall be chamfered at an angle of 30deg to 45 deg from the axis. Countersinking and cham-fering shall be concentric with the threads.
The length of threads shall be measured to include thecountersink or chamfer.
10.2 Threading Tolerances
Tapered pipe threads (NPT) shall be checked by use ofplug or ring gages in either standard or limit types. whengaging internal taper threads. the plug gage shall bescrewed hand-tight into the fitting. The reference pointfor gaging internal product threads depends on thechamfer diameter. When the internal chamfer diameterexceeds the major diameter of the internal thread,thereference point shall be the last thread scratch on thechamfer cone. Otherwise, when the internal chamferdiameter does not exceed the major diameter of theinternal thread, the reference point shall be the end ofthe fitting. In gaging external taper threads, the ringgage shall be screwed hand-tight on the externalthread.On the external thread, the ring gage shall beflush with the end of the thread.