ASME B16.21:2021 pdf free download

ASME B16.21:2021 pdf free download

ASME B16.21:2021 pdf free download.Nonmetallic Flat Gaskets for Pipe Flanges.
2.7 Pressure CLass Designation
Class. followed by a dimensionless number. Is the designation for common flange pressure-temperature ratings as given by the referenced flange standards.
3.1 Composition
Gaskets shall be made of resilient or pliable materials. Metal or nonmetal composites may be incorporated as reinforcement or filler material.
3.2 ServIce Requirements
Selection ota material suitable tar a given service application is the responsibility of the user subject to the requirements of any applicable code or government regulation.
5.1 Material Marking
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. gasketmaterial shall be marked with the material manufacturer’sname or trademark and material designation.
5.2 Gasket Marking
Gaskets shall be packaged with NPS.class,gasket manu-facturer’s name, material designation, thickness, andASME B16.21 marked or tagged on the package orgasket. At the option of the manufacturer, the DN desig-nation may be included.