ASME CA-1:2020 pdf free download

ASME CA-1:2020 pdf free download

ASME CA-1:2020 pdf free download.Conformity Assessment Requirements. When work is to be completed at field sites or temporary locations, the quality management system manual shall describe the controls of the activities to be performed.
2.2.3 An organization may make changes to its quality management system reflecting changes to its methods of achieving the results required to conform to a particular standard. These changes are subject to acceptance by the entity identified in Table 1.1-1 or Table 1.1.2 prior to their implementation. Depending on how substantive and extensive the changes are, an on-site evaluation may be required to demonstrate the changes.
2.3 Evaluation of the QuaLity Management System
2.3.1 GeneraL. The issuance or renewal of an ASME Certificate is based upon ASME’s evaluation and acceptance of the quality management system. The type of evaluation (audit, interview, review, survey) performed is determined by the governing standard.
2.3.2 Program ImpLementation and/or Demonstration. The organization’s quality management system and Its Implementation shall be evaluated by a team established by ASME.
(a) The organization shall demonstrate all elements of its quality management system to show knowledge, understanding, and ability to produce the items (including services) covered by the quality management system. The organization may use current work, a mock-up, or a combination of the two to demonstrate the ASMErequired elements of the quality management system. If at the time of the evaluation there is work being performed in-house under the accepted quality manage. ment system manual, it shall be included as part of the demonstration and evaluated by the team.
Alternatively, on initial application for designated oversight activities to be performed under an AlA Certificate of Accreditation, the employment of Inspectors and Super. visors may be demonstrated by having been issued Provisional Acceptance from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors in accordance with its established criteria (NB.360) and evidence issued from the National Board that the Applicant’s employees to whom commissions and applicable endorsements will be issued meet the National Board Rules for Commissioned Inspectors. Pursuant to para. 2.3.5, inspections shall not be performed until Inspectors have received their National Board Commissions and applicable endorsements, and an active AlA Certificate of Accreditation after completing the first interim program audit.
(b) The team shall visit all addresses identified on an ASME Certificate of Authorization to witness and evaluate the activities being performed at that site under the quality management system.
Alternatively, for the designated oversight activities performed by an Authorized Inspection Agency (AlA) or Qualified Inspection Organization (QIO) under a Certificate of Accreditation, the team shall visit the address(es) identified on the application form The identified address(es) Is the location(s) where inspection activities are controlled. It is not necessary to survey each office or location covered by the same program provided documentation is made available to the survey team.