ASME A90.1:2003 pdf free download

ASME A90.1:2003 pdf free download

ASME A90.1:2003 pdf free download.SAFETY STANDARD FOR BEIT MANLIFTS.
(b) Should maintenance or construction work be planned for in dose proximity to the manlift causing an encroachment on the space defined in para. 4.2(a), the manhft shah be shut down during such work.
4.3 LandIngs
4.3.1 Vertical Clearance. The clearance between the floor or mounting platform and the lower edge for the underfoot hood above it required by pars. 4.4 shall be not less than 7 ft 6 in. (2 285 mm)- Where this clearance cannot be obtained, no access to the manlift shall be provided, and the manlift runway shall be enclosed where It passes through such floor. Thc enclosure shall be equipped with an emergency exiL
4.3.2 Clear Landing Spec.. The landing space adjacent to the floor openings shall be free from obstruction and kept clear at all times The landing space shall be at least 2 ft (610 mm) in width from the edge of the floor opening used for mounting and dismounting (see Rgs 2 and 3).
4.3.3 LIghting of Landings. Adequate lighting, not less than 5 Ic (54 lx), shall be provided at each floor landing at all times when the lift is in operation.
4.3.4 LandIng Surface. The landing surface at the entrances and exits to the manhf I shall be constructed and maintained to provide safe footing at all tunes.
4.3.5 Emergency Landings. Where there is a travel of SOft (15 m) or more between floor landings. one or more emergency landing(s) shall be provided so that there is a landing (either floor or emergcncy) for every 25 ft (7.5 m) or less of manlift travel,
(a) Emergency landings shall be accessible from both the up- and down-runs of the manlift and shall give access to the ladder as required in pars. 4.8.
(b) Emergency landings shall be provided with standard railings and toeboards,
(c) Platforms constructed to give access to bucket elevators or other equipment for the purpose of Inspection, lubrication, and repair may also serve as emergency landings under this paragraph All such platforms shall then be considered part of the emergency Landing and provided with standard railings and toeboards.
4.4 Hoods on Underside of Floor Openings
4.4.1 Fixed Type. On the up-side of the manlift floor, openings shall be provided with an underfloor hood meeting the following requirements (see Fig. 4).
(a) Slept. The underfioor hood shall make an angle of not less than 45 deg with the horizontaL
(b) Extent. The lower edge of this hood shall extend at least 44 in. (1 118 mm) outward from the face of the belt. It shall not extcnd beyond the upper surface of the floor above.