ASME A112.19.2:2008 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.2:2008 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.2:2008 pdf free download.Ceramic plumbing fixtures.
Fitting a device that controls and guides the flow of water.
Note: Set ASME A 112.18. ?/CAI’J/CSA-812i1 arid CAN/CSA-B 125.3 for definitions of specific types of fittings.
Fixture — a device that receives water, waste matter, or both and directs these substances into a drainage system.
Flood level — the level at which water will overflow a fixture.
Flush cycle — the complete operating sequence of a water closet or urinal in emptying its contents, cleaning its inside surfaces, and refilling the water seal.
Flushing devIce — a device for delivering water into a water closet bowl or urinal.
Flush tank — a vessel that stores a predetermined quantity of water and includes a flushing device to discharge water (plus some through-flow from the water supply line) into a water closet bowl or urinal.
Note: A common type of flush tank is a woft.hung vessel or a vessel ckise.coaipled with the water closet bowl that is fitted with a fit? valve arid flush valve.
Flush valve — a valve for discharging water from a flush tank into a water closet bowl or urinal.
Pressurized flushIng device — a flushing device that is employed in non-gravity flushing systems and uses the water supply to create a pressurized discharge to flush fixtures.
Note: Fiushometer tanks, (tushemeter valves, and electronically controlled pressurized devices ore e*omples of pressurized flushing devices (see CAN/CSA-B 125.3 and ASSE 1037).
Flushometer tank — a flushing device that effectively enlarges the water supply pipe immediately before the water closet bowl or urinal by being integrated within an accumulator vessel affixed and adjacent to the fixture inlet.
Flushometer valve — a flushing device attached to a pressurized water supply pipe that, when actuated, opens the pipe for direct flow Into the fixture at a rate and in a quantity that enables proper operation of the fixture. The valve then gradually closes to provide trap reseal in the fixture and avoid water hammer.
Note: The pipe to which the fiushometer valve is connected should be large enough to enable deiwery of water at a sufficient rote for proper operation.
Flushing surface — a surface that is visible alter installation and is wetted during operation of a water closet or urinal.
Glaze — a smooth, impermeable, glass-like ceramic coating.
Gravity flush tank water closet — a water closet designed to flush the bowl with water supplied by gravity only.
Integral a cast or formed part of a fixture, e.g., a trap, seat, or tank. Lavatory — a washbowl or basin.
Low profile tank — a tank on a water closet that employs a flushing device that is below the flood level of the water closet bowl.
Pottery square – a square opening 51 mm (2.0 in) on each side cut into a sheet of flexible material and used to count the number of defects in the opening (see Tables 1 and 2).
FlowIng pressure — the pressure In a water supply pipe at the inlet to an open valve. Static pressure — the pressure in a water supply pipe at the inlet of a closed valve.