ASME A112.6.7:2001 pdf free download

ASME A112.6.7:2001 pdf free download

2.2 Epoxy Coating
The visible surface afLer installation of each tloor sink shall be acid-resisting epoxy, thoroughly fused to the cast iron base. It shall be free from flaws that may effect (he appearance or serviceability of the floor sink. The epoxy surface shall be examined for blemishes in accordance with Section 6 of ASME Al 12.19.1.
2.2.1 Surface Epoxy. The surface epoxy, visible alkr installation, shall be glossy to the extent that it will have a 1.05 rad. (60 deg.) specular gloss ol’ not less than 60 when tested in accordance with para. 5.2.
2.2.2 Epoxy Thickness. The thickness of the epoxy coating, as measured on a flat surface at least I
in. (25 mm) from any edge shall not be less than 4
mils (0.1 mm).
2.2.3 Acid Resistance. The epoxy coating shall be acid resisting when tested in accordance with para. 5.3.
2.2.4 Epoxy Flexibility. The epoxy shall be flexible when tested in accordance with para. 5.4.
2.3 Detail Requirements for PVC
All floor sinks plastic pans shall be of PVC material.
2.3.1 PVC Floor Sinks. All PVC floor sinks shall be made of a single PVC virgin compound except as provided in para. 2.3.2 and shall conform to the requirements specified in ASTM D 1784 for a PVC 12454 compound.
2.3.2 Reworked Plastic. Clean, reworked plastic generated from the manufacturer’s own PVC 12454 products may be used provided the floor sinks produced meet the requirements of this Standard.
2.3.3 Grates. The grates must be aligned properly and fastened by accompanying screws, unless floor sink design is for loose set installation.
2.3.4 Screws. All screws shall be made of corrosion resistant material.
2.3.5 Dimensions. PVC floor sink dimensions shall coniorm to the socket and spigot dimensions as specified in ASTM D 2665.
2.3.7 Top Loading. Top loading classifications forgrates shall be in accordance with ASME A112.21.1.
3.1 lllustrations
The floor sink type and sizes illustrated in Figs. 1through 4 are commonly cast iron and Figs. 5 through7 are commonly PvC. but other type materials maybe provided. Those illustrated represent a selection forordinary types and may be provided with a variey oftops.Top grates shall meet the requirements of ASMEA112.21.1.
3.2 Floor Sinks Without Anchor Flanges
Floor sinks without anchor flanges are for use whereanchoring or clamping of a waterproof membrane isnot required.
3.3 Floor Sinks With Anchor Flanges
Floor sinks with anchor flanges are for use whereanchoring or clamping of a waterproof membrane isrequired. The membrane is to be secured to the anchorflange with flange clamps. Provisions shall be madein the drain body for weepholes.They shall be castin the cast iron body and drilled in the PVC body ifnecessary (see Figs. 5 through 7).
3.4 Grate Configurations
Grate configurations shall be either full,314,or ‘2design. See Figs. 8 through 10. Direction of slots mayvary depending on the manufacturer.
Outlet size and connections shall be in accordancewith ASME A112.21.1 and/or ASTM A 888. PVCshall also be in accordance with ASTM D 2665.