ASME A120.1:2006 pdf free download

ASME A120.1:2006 pdf free download

ASME A120.1:2006 pdf free download.Safety Requirements for Powered Platforms and Traveling Ladders and Gantries for Building Maintenance.
equipment tie-in: a positive-type connection provided to secure a working platform or suspension rope to the building.
failure: a deficiency of a structural element that makes it unable to continue the load-bearing function for which it was originally designed.
fairlead: the uppermost guide for the suspension wire rope.
fairlead roller: a roller provided to allow a minor change in the direction of travel of a suspension rope.
four-rope suspended platform: a platform suspended by tour load carrying wire ropes arranged such that the failure of any one support rope or its fastenings will not cause the platform to upset (substantially alter the normal position). (Also known as tour rope, four line, and multi—rope. See two-rope suspended platform.)
ground rigging: a method of suspending a sell-powered working platform from a safe horizontal surface to an acceptable point of suspension above the safe surface.
guide roller: a rotating cylindrical member, operating separately or as a part of a guide assembl that provides continuous engagement between the suspended or supported equipment and the building guides.
guide shoe: equivalent to guide rollers, except shoes provide a sliding contact between the building guides and the shoe.
hoisting inachiiw a device intended to raise and lower a suspended or supported unit.
i;,slallation: the total affected parts of a building and the equipment associated with the intended operation.
interlock: a device to ensure operations or motions in proper sequence.
internritfrnt stabilization: a means to stabilize a suspended unit by securing the suspension rope(s) to vertically spaced building anchors.
lanyard: a flexible line used to secure a wearer of a safety belt or harness to a dropline. lifeline, or fixed anchorage.
hifrliiw: see drephirw.
live load (static): the total static weight of personnel, tools, parts, and supplies that the equipment is designed to support.
multiple wrap (layer) drum hoist: a type of hoisting machine that accumulates the suspension wire rope in more than one successive layer on the surface of the drum of the hoist.
(a) a platform suspended by two load-carryingwire ropes
(b) a platform suspended by two load-carrying wireropes and with two secondary wire ropes such that thefailure of any one support rope or its fastenings willnot cause the platform to upset (substantially alter thenormal position). Also known as fvo rope, two line, anddial-rope. See four-rope suspended platfornr.)
zeatherproof: equipment or component protection con-structed so that exposure to adverse weather conditionswill not affect or interfere with the proper use or func-tions of the equipment or component.
winding drum hoist: a type of hoisting machine that accu-mulates the suspension wire rope on the drum of thehoist.
tworking platform: a suspended or supported platformarranged to provide access to the building-
wrap: one complete turn of the suspension wire ropearound the surface of a hoist drum.