ASME PTC 47.1:2017 pdf free download

ASME PTC 47.1:2017 pdf free download

ASME PTC 47.1:2017 pdf free download.Cryogenic Air Separation Unit of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant.
(c) location of, and piping arrangement around, primary flow-measuring device(s) on which the test calculations are based
(d) location(s) and type of secondary flow-measuring devices and provisions for calibration, including temporary piping for in-place calibration, if required
(e) the number and location(s) of valves or other means required to ensure that no unaccounted-for flow enters or leaves the test cycle or bypasses any cycle component
(f) the means of measuring seal and leakage flows
(g) the number and location(s) of temperature wells and pressure connections
(h) the number and location(s) of duplicate instrument connections required to ensure correct measurements at critical points
(i) calibration and connection of instrument transformers to be used for measuring the electrical output
(j) where a plant computer is used for data acquisition, provisions for total-system in-place calibration of the station instrumentation and computer (Calibration should include comparison of known inputs to the output of the computer.)
(k) the method of determining gas quality, including the sampling technique, as required (I) criteria for instrument recalibration after the test
3-4.12 Pretest Agreements. The following is a list of typical items on which agreement shall be reached prior to conducting the test:
(a) the object of the test
(b) the location and timing of the test
(c) test boundaries
(d) the procedure for determining the condition of the ASU system prior to the test, and requirements for pretest inspections
(e) the location, type, and calibration of instruments
(f) methods of measurement not established in (e)
(g) isolation of the system during the test
(h the means for maintaining stable load and test conditions
(i) the operating conditions at which tests are to be conducted, including the position of manual and automatic valves
(j) the frequency of observations
(k) the number of copies of original data required
(l) the length of time for stable operation before starting a test run
(m) the number of test runs at the same test point
(n) the duration of operation at test load before readings are commenced
(o) the computer or data acquisition system to be used for test data acquisition and analysis, Including calibration of the data acquisition system
(p) the organization of personnel, including designation of the engineer in responsible charge of the test
(q) the procedures and format for recording data
(r) the organization and training of test personnel and the responsibilities for the test
(s) procedures for calculating test results
(t) curves to correct for deviations from specified conditions
(u) corrections for deviation of test conditions from those specified
(v) curves to correct specified system conditions
(w) the method of comparing test results with specified performance.