ASME NTB-3:2020 pdf free download

ASME NTB-3:2020 pdf free download

ASME NTB-3:2020 pdf free download.Gap Analysis for Addressing Adequacy or Optimization of ASME Section, Division 5 Rules for Metallic Components.
1.1.2 General Assessment
Appendix HBB-T of HPVC Section III. Division 5 provides procedures to evaluate strain limits and creep fatigue damage using elastic analysis. Alternatively, for some Class A materials, recent code cases provide procedures based on Elastic-Perfectly plastic (EPP) analysis. If these rules cannot be satisfied, additional rules are provided which are based on results of inelastic analyses. However, inelastic analysis requires detailed constitutive models of material behavior under time varying loading conditions. For the CRBR. these behavioral models were based on Nuclear Standard NE F9-ST. This standard is no longer maintained. and numerous technical developments have been made since. However. ASME has established a working group to develop inelastic analysis methods and constitutive models for Class A materials for incorlx)ration into BPVC Section III, Division 5. Models for several materials have been developed and are ready for ASME Code action 1101. and the development process continues in the working group for the remaining materials.
1.1.3 Material Specific Remarks None.
1.1.4 Action Required
(I) Complete the extension of the EPP methods to the remaining Class A materials, and (2) proceed to ballot the recommended constitutive equations developed in the Working Group on Analysis Methods.
1.1.5 Conclusion
Categorized as Optimization.