ASME HST5:1999 pdf free download

ASME HST5:1999 pdf free download

(c) The overload limiting device is an emergency device and shall not he used to measure the maiimum load to he lifted and shall not be used to sense the overload imposed h a constrained load.
3.10 Trolley
When a trolley is required for use with a hoed, the type and size of suppon beam must be specified to ensurt that the trolley is suitable for the minimum radius and the contour of the beam.
311 Brakes for Motor Driven Trolleys
Trolley brakc. when spccilied. should be actuated by mechanical or pneumatic means and shall have the lollowing diaractenstics.
a) Brakes shall base sufficient capacity to stop the trolley within a distance in feet (rnden) equal to l04f of the rated speed in fret (meteci) per minute when traveling at rated speed with rated load.
(b) Brakes on trolleys shall hase heat divsipatkin capability for the frequency of operation.
(C) Brakes shall base provision for adjustment. where necessary, to compensate for wear,
3.12 Control
hoists and trolleys shall have pendant. pull. or rod control. Control actuakio shall automatically return lo the off position.
3.12.1 Pendant Control. The pendant control station shall be supported to protect the pneumatic hoses and connections against strain. The pendant control station shall he clearly marked to indicate the (unction of each actuator. Unless otherwise specified, the standard pendant control shall have a length that will locate the pendant approximately 3 ft to 5 ft 10,9 m to IS m) abose the lower limit of lift.
3.12.2 Pull Control. Pull control shall consist of two pull chains or cords with suitable handlets) clearly marked 11r direction. Unless otherwise specified. the standard pull control shall have a length that will locate the cmmmriml handles approsinmately 3 ft to 5 ft 40.9 m to 1.5 ml above the lower limit of the lift.
3.12.3 Rod Control. Rod control shall permit control of hoist or trolley motion by linear or rotary mosernent of the rod handle, or a combination or both.
4.4 Installation (Users Responsibility)
4.4.1 Procedures. All equipment should be installed according to the manufas.turer’s rccommcndaons and the applicable scetkns of ASME 1130.16. The application may also involve porlions of ASME 1130,11 and ASME 830.17. Consideration should also be gisen to any other penineni federal, state. or local regulations.
4.4.2 Support
(a) Supporting suucwres. including trolleys, mono rails. or cranes. if any. shall be designed to withstand the loads and forces imposed by the hoist.
(b) Trolley stops shall be installed at the limits of trolley irasel.
4.4.3 Location
(a) Hoists shall be operated only in locations that will permit the operator to be clear of the load at all Limes.