SAE J636:2001 pdf download

SAE J636:2001 pdf download

SAE J636:2001 pdf download V-Belts and Pulleys
1. Scope— This specification covers standard dimensions, tolerances, and methods of measurement of V-belts
and pulleys for automotive V-belt drives.
2. References— There are no referenced publications specified herein.
3. V-Belt Types—Automotive V-belts are produced in a variety of constructions in a basic trapezoidal shape.
The inside circumference of the V-belt can be a plain straight line or corrugated by means of cogs or notches for the purpose of increasing the belt(s) flexibility for use with pulleys in the lower proposed diameter. Belts are to be dimensioned in such a way that they are functional in pulleys dimensioned as described in subsequent sections.
4. Pulleys—Pulleys are to conform to requirements of Figure 1 and Tables 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B.