SAE J1036:2001 pdf download

SAE J1036:2001 pdf download

SAE J1036:2001 pdf download Dimensional Standard for Cylindrical Hydraulic Couplers for Agricultural Tractors
1. Scope-This SAE Standard specifies the essential interface dimensions, the installation dimensions, and the operating requirements for hydraulic couplers employed to transmit hydraulic power from agricultural tractors to agricultural implements and farmstead equipment as defined in SAE J1 1 50.
2. References
2.1 Applicable Publication-The following publication forms a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The latest issue of SAE publications shall apply.
2.1.1 SAE PUBLICATIoN-Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 1 5096-0001 . SAE J1 1 50- Terminology for Agricultural Equipment
3. Definitions-The couplers consist of two parts: 3.1 Female Part-The part which provides a cavity to receive the male part. The female part is considered a part of the tractor’s hydraulic system, and shall accept and function with a male part which complies with the data in the table.
3.2 Male Part-The probe which fits and locks into the cavity in the female part. The male part is considered a part of the cylinder, motor, and/or implement hydraulic system.
4. Field of Application-This document applies to couplers used on hydraulic lines other than those used for the braking system which must be connected or disconnected frequently to allow the transference of implement and farmstead equipment from one tractor to another.
5. Dimensional Characteristics-The coupler shall comply with Figure 1 and the data in Table 1.