SAE AMS 3075F:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 3075F:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 3075F:2000 pdf download Compound, Corrosion-Preventive Hard Film, Hot Application
1 . SCOPE:
1 .1 Form: This specification covers a stable, nonvolatile, petroleum-base compound in a form suitable for application by dipping at 1 70 to 21 0 °F (77 to 99 °C). 1 .2 Application: This compound has been used typically for preservation of metal parts, tools, assemblies, and equipment during shipment and storage where a compound readily removable without component damage is required, but usage is not limited to such applications.
1 .3 Safety – Hazardous Materials: While the materials, methods, applications, and processes described or referenced in this specification may involve the use of hazardous materials, this specification does not address the hazards which may be involved in such use. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure familiarity with the safe and proper use of any hazardous materials and to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all personnel involved.
2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS: The issue of the following documents in effect on the date of the purchase order form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The supplier may work to a subsequent revision of a document unless a specific document issue is specified. When the referenced document has been canceled and no superseding document has been specified, the last published issue of that document shall apply.
2.1SAE Publications:
Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale,PA 15096-0001.AMS 3160
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AMS 4037 Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Plate,4.4Cu – 1.5Mg – 0.6OMn(2024;- T3 Flat Sheet,
-T351 Plate), Solution Heat Treated
AMS 5044 Steel Sheet and Strip,0.15 Carbon, maximum, Half Hard Temper
2.2ASTM Publications:
Available from ASTM,100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken,PA 19428-2959.
ASTM B 117Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Apparatus
ASTM D 92Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D 127 Drop Melting Point of Petroleum Wax, Including PetrolatumASTM D 217Cone Penetration of Lubricating Grease
ASTMD 1748 Rust Protection by Metal Preservatives in the Humidity Cabinet3. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS:
Compound applied to metal parts shall set to a firm, hard film within 24 hours at 68 to 86 °F(20 to 30C) and, after 120 hours standing, shall not have checked or cracked exposing the metal surfaceunderneath.
3.1.1 Toxicity: Compound shall not contain materials of known toxicity.The vapor shall not cause
discomfort or injury to workmen engaged in application of the compound.
3.1.2 Abrasiveness: Compound shall not contain abrasive substances.
3.2 Properties:
Compound shall conform to the requirements shown in Table 1 and 3.2.5 through 3.2.14; tests shallbe conducted in accordance with specified test methods: