IEEE Std 1277:2000 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1277:2000 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1277:2000 pdf free download.IEEE Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors for DC Power Transmission.
7.3 Auxiliary equipment for oil-Immersed smoothing reactors
7.3.1 Bushings
Smoothing reactors shall be equipped with bushings with an insulation level not less than that of the winding terminal to which they are connected, unless otherwise specified.
Bushings 11w use on oil-irnnierscd smoothing reactors 11r HVDC application shall comply with
IEEE SW C57.l9.03-1996.
Bushings for use in smoothing reactors shall have impulse and low-frequency insulation levels as listed in lFEl Std C57.19.03-1996.
Smoothing reactors use specially designed dc bushings with design specific dimensions.
7.3.2 Bushing current transducers Special bushing type dc current transducers
Special hushing-type dc current transducers, or provision for (heir addition in the future, shall be as specified. They are special devices not covered by standards. Bushing-type current transducer dimensions
Bushing-type current transducers used with bushings having dimensions in accordance with IEEE Std C57.19.03-l996. shall have an inside diameter adequate to accommodate the maximum D dimensions for those bushings. as shown in the applicable tables in the dc hushing standard. Output loads
All hushing current transducer output leads shall be brought to an outlet box. Terminal blocks
Nonsplit terminal blocks shall be provided in a weather-resistant case of the nonsplit type located near the smoothing reactor base for terminating alarm circuits specified in 7.3.4. Bushing-type current transducer removed
Provisions shall be made for removing bushing-type current transducers from the tank without removing the entire tank cover of the smoothing reactor in which they are to be used.
7.3.3 Surge arresters
The following types of construction are available for surge protection:
a) Provision only for the mounting of surge arresters.
h Mounting complete with surge arresters.
c) Surge arrester ground pad consisting of a tank-grounding pad (in accordance with 7.1.7) mounted near the top of the tank. may be specified for each set of arresters except that where the separation of the arrester stack is such that individual pads for grounding each phase arrester represent better design, individual ground pads may be supplied.