IEEE 42010:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 42010:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 42010:2011 pdf free download.Systems and software engineering一Architecture description.
5.2 Architecture description identification and overview
An architecture description shall identify the system-of-interest and include supplementary information as determined by the protect and/or organization.
The detailed content of identifying and supplementary information items shall be as specified by the organization and/or project.
NOTE Examples of identifying and supplementary informabon In an architecture descnption are date of issue and status; authors, reviewers, approving authority, Issuing organization; change history; summary; scope; context; glossary; version control wiforrnahon. conflgtwalx,n management rforrnataon and references. See PSOIIEC 152891 or (ISO1IEC TR 155044.2008, 81} for examples.
Results from any evaluations of the architecture or its architecture description shall be inckided.
5.3 IdentIfication of stakeholders and concerns
An architecture descnptlon shall Identify the system stakeholders having concerns considered fundamental to the architecture of the system-of-Interest.
The follow4ng stakeholders shall be considered and when applicable, identified in the architecture description;
— users of the system;
— operators of the system;
— acquirers of the system;
— owners of the system;
— suppliers of the system;
— developers of the system;
— buNders of the system;
— maintainers of the system.
An architecture description shall identify the concerns considered fundamental to the architecture of the system-of-interest.
The following concerns shall be considered and when applicable. identified in the architecture description:
— the purposes of the system;
— the suitability of the architecture for achieving the system’s purposes;
— the feasibility of constructing and deploying the system;
— the potential risks and impacts of the system to its stakeholders throughout its life cycle;
— maintainability and evolvability of the system.
An architecture description shall associate each identified concem with the identified staketiolders having that concern.
NOTE 1 In general, the association of conns with stakeholders is many-to-many,
NOTE 2 This Intemational Standard does not prescribe: the granularity of concems; how conoems interrelate with other concerns; or how concems relate to other statements about a system such as stakeholder needs, system goals or requwements. These issues are subjects for specifIc archliecture frameworks, architecting methods or other practices.
5.4 Architecture viewpoints
An architecture description shall include each architecture viewpoint used therein.
Each induded architecture viewpoint shall be specified in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7.
Each concern identified in accordance with 5.3 shall be framed by at least one viewpoint.
NOTE 1 This International Standard does not reqi.are any particular viewpoints to be used
NOTE 2 Annexes B and C provide additional Information pertaining lo architecture viewpoints
5.5 Architecture views
An ardiitecture description shall include exactly one architecture view for each architecture viewpoint used. Each architecture view shall adhere to the conventions of Its governing architecture viewpoint Each architecture view shall include:
a) identifying and supplementary information as specified by the organization and/or project;
b) identification of its goveming viewpoint;
c) architecture models that address all of the concerns framed by its governing viewpoint and cover the whoite system from that viewpoint;
d) recordmg of any known issues within a view with respect to its goveming viewpoint
NOTE 1 See 52 NOTE for exanles of identifying and supplementary information per a).
NOTE 2 The requirement per c) that each architecture view covers the whole system with respect to the concerns framed by Its governing viewpoint is essential to the complete allocation of concems within an architecture descqbon, Within a view, one or more architecture models can be used to selectively present portions of the system 10 highliit ponts of interest, edhout violating this requirement (see 5.6).