IEEE 802.1AK:2007 pdf free download

IEEE 802.1AK:2007 pdf free download

IEEE 802.1AK:2007 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks一 Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment 7: Multiple Registration Protocol.
change list item tj as follows:
t) All Unrcgistcrcd Group Addresses (i.e.. all group MAC addresses for which no Group MA Addrcss Rcgistration Entry cxisls), for which no more specific Static Filtcring Entry cxists.
Change the paragraph following NOTE I as follows:
The Filtering Database shall support the creation, updating and removal of Dynamic Filtering Entries by the
Learning Process (8.7). In Bridges that support Extended Filtering Services, the Filtering Database shall
support the creation. updating. and removal of Group MAC Address Registration Entries by GMRPMMRP change list item is) as follows:
u) The total number of entries (Static Filtering Entries. Dynamic Fihering Entries. Group MA(. Address Registration Entries. Static VLAN Registration Entries, and dynamic VLAN Registration Entries) that the implementation of the Filteringdatabase can support, and
8.8.1 Static Filtering Entries
Change the final paragraph of this subdause as follows:
In addition to controlling the forwarding of frames. Static Filtering Entries for group MAC Addc provide the Registrar Administrative Control values for the GMRPMMRP protocol Clauc 10. 12. und 12.9] of IEEE Std 802.1D Clause 10). Static configuration of forwarding of specific group addrccd framc a specific destination MAC address to an outbound port indicates Registration Fixed on that port. which indicates a desire to receive the specific frames uddrecd to thut Group even in the absence of dynamic information. Static configuration of filtering of frames that might otherwise be sent to an outbound port indicates Registration Forbidden. The absence of a Static Filtering Entry fbr the group a MAC address. or the configuration of forwarding or filtering on the basis of dynamic filtering information. indicates Normal Registration.
8.8.2 Static VLAN Registration Entries
(hange list item b) as follows:
b) A Port Map. consisting of a control element for each outbound Port. specifying
c) The Registrar Adminisiraiive control values for the GVRP MVRP protocol (Clause 11) for the VLAN. In addition to providing control over the operation of GVRP MVRP. these values can also directly afiect the forwarding behavior of the Bridge. as described in 8.8.9. The values that can be represented are
Change the heading and text of subclause 8.8.4 as shown.