IEEE 802.1BA:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 802.1BA:2011 pdf free download

IEEE 802.1BA:2011 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks一 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems.
Practical installations of AVB equipment frequently include non-AVB components (Bndges and end stations) that arc connected to the AVH network, hut do not themselves participate in the transmission. relay. or receipt of AV traffic.
Figure 5.2 illusuaces the eflect of the establishment of AVB domains (6,4) on the ability of AVB systems to communicate streams. End stations I and 2 are within MB domain I. and cart therefore cummunicate stream traffic between them, via the AV Bridge that connects them. Similarly, end stations 3. 4. and 5 arc all within AVB domain 2. and can therefore communicate stream traffic among them. However, because end stations I and 3 arc connected via a region of the network that
domains, and therefore cannot establish AVB stream communication between them, but all non-AVB communications can and will continue between these end stations. End station 6 is the only device within AVB domain 3, and therefore cannot establish AVB stream communication with any other AVB cnd station. AVB end station 7 and AVB end stjtion X are connected only to each other and form AVH domain 4. which is isolated; stations 7 and K can only communicate with each other.
NOTE—Domain boundaries arc detected: they arc IJ cicatcd as a consequence of a registration proccs& A cucqurncc of ihc detection mechanism is thai a given end station can only be a member of a single domain.
The non-AV Bridges shown in Figure 5.2 could either be conformani IEEE X02. II) or (FEE K02. lQ Bridges that do not meet the minimum requirements of the AVB profile in use in the network, or they could be nonconfonnant hridgcs that forward frames addressed to the reserved addresses in Tablc K- I, Table tt-2. and Table X-3 of IEEE Std ttO2.IQ. In the former case, the detection of the domain boundary is the result of the operation of MSRP: in the latter case, the boundary detection is achieved by the determination of “as(’apable” by the generalized precision time protocol (gPTP)dctined in IEEE Std X02.IAS (see of IEEE Std X02.IAS),