IEEE 802.11W:2009 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11W:2009 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11W:2009 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for lnformation technology- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems- Local and metropolitan area networks一Specific requirements.
When the received frame is a CCMP protected unicast Robust Management frame, contents of the MMP[)1) body after protection is removed shall he delivered to the SME via the MLME primitive designated for that management frame rather than through the MA-UNITDATA.indication primitive. CCM recipient processing
Insert the following sentence at the end of the firs: paragraph in
A CCMP protected unicast Robust Management frame shall use the same TK as a Data MPDU. PN and replay detection
Change list item e,) as follows:
e) For each PIKSA. GIKSA. and S I SA, the recipient shall maintain a separate replay counter br each IEEE 02. II MSDU priority and shall use the PN recovered from a received frame to detect replayed frames, subject to the limitation of the number of supported replay counters indicated in the RSN Capabilities field (see A replayed frame occurs when the PN extracted from a received frame is less Ihet ilian_or equal to the current replay counter value for the frame’s MSDU priority and frame ty. A transmitter shall not use WEE 802.11 MSDU priorities without ensuring that the receiver supports the required number of replay counters. The transmitter shall not reorder frames within a replay counter, but may reorder frames across replay counters. One possible reason for reordering frames is the IEEE 802.11 MSDU priority.
insert the folio wing list item after e):
f) If dot Ii RSNAProtectcdManagemnentFranicsEnablcd is TRUE, the recipient shall maintain a single replay counter for received unicast Robust Management frames and shall use the PN from the received frame to detect replays. A replayed frame occurs when the PN from the frame is less than or equal to the current management frame replay counter value. The transmitter shall preserve the order of protected Robust Management frames sent to the same DA.
Change list item ft as follows:
1) The receiver shall discard MSDL’S and MMPDUS whose constituent MPDU PN values are not sequential. A receiver shall discard any MPDU that is received with its PN less than or equal to the replay counter, When diarding a frame, the reeeiveretnd shall increment by I the value of dot II RSNAStatsCCMPReplays for data frames or dot II RSNAStatsRobustMgmtCCMPRcplavs for Robust Manaemcnt frames this key.