IEEE 802.11ae:2012 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11ae:2012 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11ae:2012 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for lnformation technology一Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Local and metropolitan area networks一 specific requirements Part 1 1 : Wireless LAN Medium Access Control(MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications. Quality-of-service management frame support
Whcn the quality-of-service management frame (QMF) service is cnabled. some managcment frames might be transmitted using an acccss category other than the access catcgory assigned to voice traffic (access catcgory AC_VO. see &4.2.31) in order to improve thc quality of service of other traffic streams. This is achicvablc by thc use of a QMF policy. A QMF policy dclincs the acccss catcgories of different managcmcnt framcs. Only QoS STAs are ablc to implement QMF policy. A non.AP QMF STA uses thc default QMF policy or the QMF policy accepted from a peer QMF STA to transmit managcmcnt frarncs to that peer QMF STA. A QMF AP sets its own QMF policy for the transmission of QMFs to its associated STAs. A QMF STA uses access category AC_VO to transmit management frames to STAs that do not support the QMF service.
5. MAC service definition
5.1 Overview of MAC services
5.1.1 Data service General
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This service provides peer LLC enhitis with the ability to exchange MSDUs. To support this service, the local MAC uses the underlying PHY-level services to transport an MSDU to a peer MAC entity, where it is dcliered to the peer LLC. Such asynchronous MSDU transport is pertrmcd on a connectionless basis. By default. MSDU transport is on a best-elThn basis. However, the QoS facility uses a traffic identifier (TID) to specify differentiated services on a pcr-MSDU basis. The QoS facility also pennits more synchronous behavior to be supported on a connection-oriented basis using TSPECs. There are no guarantees that the submitted MSDU will be delivered successfully. Group addressed transport is part of the data service provided by the MAC. Due to the characteristics of the WM. group addressed MSDUS may experience a lower QoS. compared to that of individually addressed MSDUs. All STAs support the data service, but only QoS STAs in a Q0S IISS differentiate their MSDU delivery according to the designated traffic category or traffic stream (TS) of indiidual MSL)Us QoS STAs that uppcr1 ib QMI serice diflercigwicjhii MMPL)U delivery according to thMMI’DU’s access category. The access category of each MMPDU is dcjpated by the transmitter’s current OMF nolicy.