IEEE 1686:2013 pdf free download

IEEE 1686:2013 pdf free download

IEEE 1686:2013 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Intelligent Electronic Devices Cyber Security Capabilities.
5.1.6 lED main security functions
The main security tunctions include the following;
a) View data refers to the ability to view operational data (voltage, current, power. energy, status. alarms. et al.) of the lED that are not intended to be available as general iniormation display,
b) View configuration scttings refer to thc ability to view configuration settings of the lED, such as scaling, communications addressing. programmable logic routines, and the firmware version numbers.
c) Force values refer to the ability to manually ovemdc real data with manually inputted data andor the ability to cause a control-output operation to occur.
d) Configuration change refers to the ability to download and upload contigurarion files to the unit andor effect changes to the exuaing configuration.
e) Firmware change refers to the ability to load new tirmwarc that does not require a corTcsponding hardware change.
f) lDpassword or RBA management refers to the ability to create, delete, or modify user lI)s. passwords, roles andor password, and role authorization levels.
g) Audit trail refers to the ability to view and download the audit trail,
5.1.7 Password display
Only user shall be displayed in screens, audit trails, the memory area or tiles, and other records and configuration files. It shall not be possible to cause it passwords to be displayed through any mcans. including local display panel, configuration software (local or remote; offline or online), web browser, and terminal access.
5.1.8 Access timeout
The lEt shall have a timeout feature that automatically 1ogs ow a user who has logged in after a period of user inactivity. Inactivity shall be defined as the absence of input from local (faceplaic) mechanisms and& the absence of keystroke activity on a computer connected to the lED post The pcnod of time before the timeout feature acti’.aIcs shall be settable between I mm and 60 mm in I-mm intersals by the user in the configuration of the lED.
5.2 Audit trail
5.2.1 Audit trail background
The lED shall record in a sequential circular butler (first in, first Gui). an audit trail (audit log) listing events of 52.4 in the order in which they occur,
There shall be no capability to erase or modify the audit trail as it shall keep full integrity for audit purposes.