IEEE 11073-10408:2010 pdf free download

IEEE 11073-10408:2010 pdf free download

IEEE 11073-10408:2010 pdf free download.Health informatics – Personal health device communication – Part 10408: Device specialization- Thermometer.
6.12 Thermometer information model extensibility rules
The thermometer domain information model of this standard may be extended by including vendor-specific metrics and attributes as required. For example. a vendor might require including a temperature gradient or temperature measurement site (car. mouth. etc.) in addition to the body temperature measurement. Any object or attribute extensions implemented should follow the guidelines of this standard as closely as possible.
A thermometer agent having a configuration with extensions beyond the standard configuration, as specified in this standard, shall use a configuration ID in the range of IDs reserved for extended configurations (see IEEE Std 11073-20601).
7. Thermometer service model
7.1 General
The service model defines the conceptual mechanisms for data exchange services. These services are mapped to messages that are exchanged between the agent and the manager. Protocol messages within the ISO/IEEE 11073 series of standards are defined in ASN.1. See IEEE Ski 11073-20601 for a detailed description of the personal health device service model, SubulaLise 7.2 through 7.3 define the specifics of object access and event reporting services for a thermometer agent according to this standard.
7.2 Object access services
The objeu ac.e services of IEEE Std I 1073-20601 arc used to access the objects defined in the domain information model of the thermometer.
The following generic object access services are supported by a thermometer agent according to this standard:
— GET service: used by the manager to retrieve the values of the agent MDS object attributes. The list of thermometer MDS object attnbutes is given in
— SET service: used by the manager to set the values of the agent object attributes. There are no settable attributes defined for a thermometer agent according to this standard.
— Event report service: used by the agent to send configuration reports and measurement data to the manager. The list of event reports for the thermometer device specialization is given in 6.5.3.
— Action service: used by the manager to invoke actions (or methods) supported by the agent. An example is Set-Time action, which is used to set a real-time clock with the absolute time at the agent.
Table 7 summarizes the object access services described in this standard.