ASME B20.1:2021 pdf free download

ASME B20.1:2021 pdf free download

ASME B20.1:2021 pdf free download.Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment.
conveyor, slat: a conveyor employing one or more endless chains to which nonoverlapping, noninterlocking spaced slats are attached.
conveyor, square belt a bulk materials conveyor similar to the pipe conveyor except the belt is folded into a square cross section.
conveyor, suspended tray: a vertical conveyor, having one or more endless chains with suitable pendant trays, cars, or carriers that receives objects at one elevation and delivers them to another.
conveyor, teardrop: a bulk materials belt conveyor where the belt edges are hung close together by a series of rollers that travel on a track system. The belt forms a teardrop shape enclosing the conveyed product. These conveyors are capable of making horizontal curves around a tight radius.
conveyor, toW: an endless belt- or cable-driven system or chain supported by trolleys from an overhead track or running in a track with means for towing floor-supported or rail-guided trucks, dollies, or carts.
conveyor, trolley: a series of trolleys supported from or within an overhead track and connected by endless propelling means, such as chain, cable, or other linkage, with loads usually suspended from the trolleys.
conveyor, tube: see conveyor, pipe.
conveyor, verticalarticulaced: a type of vertical conveyor in which sections of articulated slat conveyor apron form rigid carriers for vertical movement En continuous flow. The carriers are flexible in but one direction, and they assume a vertical position on the noncarrying run to minimize space requirements.
conveyor, vertical chain, opposed .shelf type: two or more vertical elevating-conveying units opposed to each other. Each unit consists of one or more endless chains whose adjacent facing runs operate in parallel paths. Thus, each pair of opposing shelves or brackets receives objects (usually dish trays) and delivers them to any number of stations.
conveyor, vertical reciprocating: a reciprocating power- or gravity-actuated unit (not designed to carry passengers or an operator) that receives objects on a carrier and transmits these objects vertically between two or more levels.
conveyor, vibrating: a trough, tube, or other device flexibly supported and vibrated at a relatively high frequency and small amplitude to convey bulk material or objects, usually powered by an electrical or pneumatic impulse.
conveyor, wheel:a series of wheels supported In a frame over which objects are moved manually or by gravity.
conveyor belt a belt used to carry materials and transmit the power required to move the load being conveyed.