ASME B36.19M:2018 pdf free download

ASME B36.19M:2018 pdf free download

ASME B36.19M:2018 pdf free download.Stainless Steel Pipe.
The word pipe is used, as distinguished from tube, to apply to tubular products of dimensions commonly used for pipeline and piping systems.
The size of all pipe in Table 2-1 is identified by the dimensionless designator nominal pipe size (NPS) (diamètre nominal (DN)]. Pipes NPS 12 (DN 300) and smaller have outside diameters numerically larger than their corresponding sizes. In contrast, the outside diameters of tubes are numerically identical to the size number for all sizes.
The manufacture of pipe NPS ‘4 (DN 6) to NPS 12 (DN 300), inclusive, is based on a standardized outside diameter (O.D.). This O.D. was originally selected so that pipe with a standard O.D. and having a wall thickness that was typical of the period would have an inside diameter (l.D.) approximately equal to the nominal size. Although there is no such relation between the existing standard thicknesses — O.D. and nominal size
— these nominal sizes and standard O.D.s continue in use as “standard.”
The manufacture of pipe NPS 14 (DN 350) and larger proceeds on the basis of an O.D. corresponding to the nominal size.
The dimensional standards for pipe described here are for products covered in ASTM specifications.
The nominal wall thicknesses are given in Table 2.1 .The wall thicknesses for NPS 14 to NPS 22, inclusIve (DN 350 to DN 550, inclusive), of Schedule lOS; NPS 12 (DN 300) of Schedule 40S; and NPS 10 and NPS 12 (DN 250 and DN 300) of Schedule 80S are not the same as those of ASME B36.1OM, Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe. The suffix S in the schedule number is used to differentiate B36.19M pipe from B36.1OM pipe. ASME B36.1OM includes other pipe thicknesses that are also commercially available with stainless steel material.
variations in dimensions differ depending upon themethod of manufacture employed in making the pipeto the various specifications available.Permissible varia-tions for dimensions are indicated in each specification.7 PIPE THREADS
Unless otherwise specified,the threads of threaded pipeshall conform to ASME B1.20.1,Pipe Threads, GeneralPurpose (Inch).
Schedules 5s and 10s wall thicknesses do not permitthreading in accordance with ASME B1.20.1.