ASME B18.31.2:2014 pdf free download

ASME B18.31.2:2014 pdf free download

ASME B18.31.2:2014 pdf free download.Continuous ThreadStud, Double-End Stud, and Flange Bolting Stud (Stud Bolt) (Inch Series).
SAF 1429, Mechanical and Material Requiremenls for Ixternally Threaded Fasterwrs
SAE J2271, Ship Systems and Equipment — Part Standard for Studs — Continuous and flouhie-End (Inch Series)
Puhlisher SAE International, 400 Commonwealth Dnve, Warrenilale, PA 15096-0001 (
For definitions of terms relating to fasteners or features thereof used in this Standard, refer to ASM F H 18.12.
(a) All dimensions in this Standard are given in rnahes, and apply before coating, unless otherwise speciuied. Table 1 contains the dimensions for continuous thread studs. Table 2 contains the thread length dimensions for double-end (dam ping type) studs. Table 3 contains the thread length requiremenLs for tap end studs. Table 4 contains the body diameters for double-end (clamping type) studs and tap-end studs.
(h) Symbols specifying geometric charatteristics are in accordanu with ASMF Yl4.5.
The diameter of the hod on studs that are not threaded the full length shall be isithin the limits for L) specified for the applicable configuration. Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, the reduced-diameter body or full body may be supplied at the option of the supplier.
6.1 Reduced Diameter Body
The maximum body diameter is the minimum majordiameter of the thread as defined in ASME B1.1.Theminimum body diameter is the minimum pitch diameterof the thread as defined in ASME B1.1. Dimensions areprovided in Table 4.
6.2 Full Body
The maximum body diameter is the same as the nomi-nal diameter of the fastener. The minimum body diame-ter is the minimum major diameter for the applicablethreads as shown in ASME B1.1,Table 3A.These dimen-sions are provided in Table 4.
NOTE: If the two ends of a stud have different threads, the mini-mum body diameter will be based on the thread with smallerminimum major diameter.
The difference between “continuous thread stud” and“flange bolting stud (stud boltY” is that the length ofcontinuous thread stud is defined by the overall lengthfrom end to end while the flange bolting stud length isdefined from the first full thread on one end to the firstfull thread on the other end.
7.1 overall Length of Continuous and Double-End Studs
The overall length, Lr, of the continuous and double-end type studs is the distance, parallel to the axis of thestud from one end to the other end, measured to theextreme condition on each end.The length tolerancesin Table 5 are applied to this dimension.
7.2 Nominal Length for Flange Bolting Studs (Stud Bolts).