ASME Y14.6:2001 pdf free download

ASME Y14.6:2001 pdf free download

ASME Y14.6:2001 pdf free download.SCREW THREAD REPRESENTATION.
The original issue of this Standard was approved on December 13, 1957. It was designated
ASA Y14.6-1957, and then redesignated ANSI Y14.6-1957 after the American Standards
Association (ASA) became the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1969. The
1957 document was rcviscd and approved as an Amcncan National Standard on July 26,
1978. Ii was designated ANSI Y14.6-1978. A metric supplement was approved on September
21, 1981 and was designated ANSI Y14.6aM-1981.
This revision consolidates the metric supplement, Y14.6aM, and the basic Y14.6 Standard. It also updates these standards in accordance with the latest issues of ASME 131 scrics Screw Thread Standards, and provides corrections where necessary.
Suggestions for the improvement of this Standard will be welcome. They should be sent to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Attn: Secretary, Y14 Main Committee, Three Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990.
This revision was approved as an American National Standard on November 2, 2001.