ASME B18.2.6M:2012 pdf free download

ASME B18.2.6M:2012 pdf free download

ASME B18.2.6M:2012 pdf free download.Metric Fasteners for Use in Structural Applications.
Transition thread length. Y. isa reference dimension, intended for calculation purposes only, which represents the length of incomplete threads and tolerance on grip gaging length.
2.1.13 Incomplete Thread Diameter. The major diameter of incomplete thread shall not exceed the actual major diameter of the full form thread.
2.1.14 Point. Point shall be chamfered or rounded at the manufacturer’s option from major diameter to slightly below the minor diameter of the thread. The first full formed thread at major dianwtcr is located a distance no greater than 2 times the pitch measured from the end of the bolt. This distance is to be determined by measuring how far the point enters into a cylindrical NOT GO major diameter ring gage (reference gage.
ASME Bl.16M).
2.1.15 Straightness. Shanks of bolts shall he straight within the following limits at maximum material condition (MMC). Bolts with nominal lengths to and including 300 mm, shall have a maximum camber of 0.006 mm/mm (0.006L) of bolt length. Bolts with nominal lengths over 300 mm to and including 600 mm shall have a maximum camber of 0.008 mm/mm (0.008L) of length. A suggested gage and gaging procedure for checking bolt straightness is given in ASME 1318.2.9.
2.2 Bolt Materials and Processing
Chemical and iuhanical properties of steel bolts shall conform to ASTM A325M or ASTM A490M as applicable.
2.3 Bolt Finish
Structural fasteners shall be plain finish unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Finishes shall be limited to those approved in the specified ASTM A325M and A490M material standards as applicable.
2.4 Bolt Designation
Metric heavy hex structural bolts shall be designated by the following data in the sequence shown:
product name, specification, nominal size (fractional or decimal equivalent), thread pitch, product length (fractional or two-decimal-place equivalent), material (including specification and type where necessary), and protective finish (if required).
EXAMPLE Metric Heavy Hex Structural Bolt, ASME 1318.2.6M, M20 x 25 x 100, ASTM A325M Type 1, Hot-Dip Zinc Coatcd per ASTM F2674
(b) For a part-identifying number (PIN), refer to ASME 1318.24.