ASME A112.19.3:2000 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.3:2000 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.3:2000 pdf free download.Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures (Designed for Residential Use).
2.3.3 KItchen Sink Drainboards. Drainboards (as shown in Tables A7 through A 13) shall be fastened to sink compartments. and shall be formed by stamping, pressing. fabrication, or combination thereof. The drain area of a drainboard sink shall be at least in. (5 mm) below flood level at a location farthest from the bowl, and shall have a fall towards the bowl. Drain- boards shall be smooth ribbed or grooved. All ribs or grooves shall run parallel with the slope of the drainboard. Welded Kitchen Sink Drainboards. Drainboard sinks using welded construction shall be fastened to sink compartments with continuous welds having visible surfaces of the weld ground smooth. and free from cracks and pits. Corners of drainboards on cabinet sink tops shall be welded and ground smooth.
2.4 Dimensions and Tolerances
Fixtures shall conform to tile applicable dimensions and tolerances given herein. Where not otherwise indicated, a tolerance of plus or minus 1% shall apply. Maximum and minimum dimensions are not subject to a tolerance beyond the stated limits, except where given as nominal dimensions.
3.1 Kitchen Sinks
Common types and sizes are:
(a) flat-rim sink, single compartment (see Table Al);
(b) flat-rim sink, double compartment (see Table A2);
(c) ledge.back sink, single compartment (see Table A3);
(d) ledge-back sink, double compartment (see Table A4);
(e) ledge-back sink and tray combinations (see Table A5);
(f) ledge-back two-level sink., double compartment (see Table A6);
(g) ledge-back sink. single compartment with single drainboard (see Table A7);
(h) ledge-back sink, double compartment with single drainboard (see Table A8);
(i) ledge-back sink, single compartment with double drainboard (see Table A9);
(j) ledge-back sink, double compartment with double drainboard (see Table MO); The lavatory shall be installed and leveled in a stand with the waste outlet closed or blocked. A waler supply shall be adjusted and shall be supplied to the fixture at a flow rate as specified in ASME A 112.18.1 for lavatory faticet. The elapsed time from the onset of water flowing into the overflow opening until the water begins to overflow the flood level shall be measured. The fixture shall drain for a minimum of 3 minutes without overflowing.
3.4 Outlets
(a) Outlets for kitchen sinks shall he as shown in Fig. 3.