ASME B30.1:2020 pdf free download

ASME B30.1:2020 pdf free download

ASME B30.1:2020 pdf free download.Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters,and Hydraulic Gantries.
rated load: the maximum allowable working load established by the manufacturer. The terms rated capacity and working load limit are commonly used to describe rated toad.
screw extension: a device that increases the hydraulic jack’s length.
self-contained jack: a hydraulic jack whose hydraulic reservoir and pump are contained within the jack’s housing.
severe service; service that involves normal service coupled with abnormal rigging or operating conditions. shall: a word indicating a requirement.
should: a word indicating a recommendation.
side shift. lateral movement of a suspended load along the header beams of a telescopic hydraulic gantry system.
single-acting hydraulic jack: a jack that is extended using hydraulic pressure and retracted by release of the hydraulic pressure.
special service: service that involves operation other than normal or severe that is identified by a qualified person.
strand jack: hydraulic cylinder(s) configured to sequentially grip and release single or multiple strands to move a load.
strand jack system: one or more strand jacks, strands, anchors, a hydraulic power unit, control console, hoses, rigging, and accessories required to guide and manage the strands to move a load.
stroke: linear extending or retracting movement of the hydraulic jack (Chapter 1-2) or gantry leg (Chapter 1-6).
telescopic hydraulic gantry leg: a structural base that is supported on wheels or a frame and that has one or more vertical lift cylinders or boom.
telescopic hydraulic ganuy system: two or more telescopic hydraulic gantry legs, a hydraulic power unit, control console, hoses, and one or more header beams that span between the legs.
travel: linear extending or retracting movement of the mechanical jack (Chapter 1-1) horizontal movement of the telescopic hydraulic gantry system along the track (Chapter 1-6).
tube guide: component of a strand jack that reduces the unsupported length of strand inside the jack to decrease the occurrence of birdcaglng inside the jack
Persons performing the functions identified in this Volume shalt, through education, training, experience, skill, and physical fitness, as necessary, be competent and capable to perform the lunctions as determined by the employer or employer’s representative.