ASME A112.1 8.2:2020 pdf free download

ASME A112.1 8.2:2020 pdf free download

ASME A112.1 8.2:2020 pdf free download.Plumbing waste fittings.
a) ABS for fittings and mechanical joints: cell classification 20211 in ASTM D3965;
b) ABS for tubes: cell classification 42222 in ASTM D3965
c) reinforced PP: cell classification PP0105G20A33350 In ASTM D4101;
d) unreinforced PP:
I) cell classification PPO11OBSS14O In ASTM 04101; or ii) cell classification 55230 or higher in Table B of ASTM D4101;
e) PVC: cell classification 12454 or 14333 in ASTM D1784; or
f) PBT: cell classification TPES 0113 in ASTM 05927.
4.1.4 PlastIc pipe and pipe fittings
ABS or PVC used for manufacturing drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plastic pipe and pipe fittings shall
comply with one of the following Standards:
a) CAN/CSA-B181.1;
b) CAN/CSA-B181.2;
c) ASTM 02661;
d) ASTM D2665;
e) ASTM F628; or
f) ASTM F891
4.1.5 Copper alloys
Copper alloys shall have a minimum copper content of 56% by weight.
4.1.6 Cast iron
Cast iron shall be of class 25, as specified in ASTM A48/A48M.
4.1.7 Ductile iron
Ductile iron shall be Grade 60.40. 18 or Grade 60-45.12, as specified in ASTM A536.
4.1.8 Stainless steel
Stainless steel alloys shall be of the 300 or 400 Series.
4.1.9 Elastomerlc fittings Elastomers
Elastomeric waste fittings shall comply with the material requirements of CSA 8602. Elastomeric tubular parts
The wall thickness of elastomeric tubular parts shall be at least 2.0 mm (0,079 In).
4.2 Installation
4.2.1 Connection to waste system
Waste fittings shall be provided with a means to connect to a type of trap or waste system in common use.
4.2.2 Protection of finish
Provision shall be made to enable waste fittings to be connected and mounted without marring the finish or otherwise damaging the fitting or the surface on which it is to be mounted.
4.2.3 Fixture seal
Provision shall be made for a method of establishing a seal between a waste fitting and the fixture to which it is fastened.
4.3 Threads
4.3.1 DWV plastic pipe and fittings
Taper threads used on plastic tubular waste fittings complying with Clause 4.1.3 and used on ABS or PVC DWV plastic pipe and pipe fittings complying with Clause 4.1.4 shall
a) be moulded;
b) comply with ASTM F1498; and
c) be a minimum of 2.5 threads long, with a minimum of one thread engagement.
4.3.2 Metallic pipes and fittings
Threads used on pipe and fittings manufactured from metallic base materials shall comply with ASME B1.20.1.
4.3.3 Compression and union nuts
Threads for compression and union nuts shall be a minimum of 2.5 threads long, with a minimum of one thread engagement. The threads shall be NPSM threads. The thread focm shall comply with Table 6 of ASME B1.20.1.